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Using mezzanine floors in retail

Using mezzanine floors in retail

Mezzanine floors are incredibly popular in retail stores these days. Most stores that you have been to in recent years will probably have had a mezzanine floor installed.  But why?

Single-tier mezzanine floor for furniture retailer

There are three key reasons to use a mezzanine floor in retail:

    • To increase your sales floor area
    • To increase your back-of-store storage area
    • To increase your office space

All of these purposes share a key need in common: more space, whether it is to allow you more space to store products, more space to do work, or more space to display products to your customers.

Adding a second or even a third level to a retail store can help you make the most of unused overhead space. A mezzanine floor in a retail environment allows the business owner to make the most of all of the space they are paying for, whether they own the property or whether they rent it.

Mezzanine floors are ideal for retail. You can practically double the amount of retail space you have to show your products to your customers, therefore giving you the chance to increase your profits, as well as being able to offer a wider choice and variety of products to your customers, thus improving their retail experience. Adding a mezzanine floor to retail premises can make your store look bigger and more impressive, giving off a great first impression by allowing customers to see your key products above them the moment they enter the store.



Mezzanine floor for multi-national retailer
Visual impact

The look and feel of a mezzanine floor is perfect for a retail environment, with a lightweight construction, superior powder-coated finish and a wide range of colour options to match in with the existing design, colour scheme and logos of your existing retail area. They can dramatically improve the appearance of a retail store and are extremely aesthetically pleasing.

A practical solution

Quick and easy to set-up, the installation of mezzanine flooring is relatively painless, with little disruption to your daily trade. Installing a mezzanine floor doesn’t require any change to the structure of your building so should be supported by your landlord, anything over 200m2 will require planning permission.

The alternative, which involves finding a new larger premises can be hugely disruptive to a business, requiring you to re-create your store in a new building, transport stock, disturb employees routines and find a way to tell your cliental where you have moved.

Choosing a mezzanine floor for your retail outlet is an affordable and cost effective alternative to moving premises. It allows you to double the size of your stock at a far cheaper cost than moving.

They can be designed to match your existing store and to suit your exact needs and requirements. It is also easy to add accessories to mezzanine floors, such as feature handrails, balustrades, balconies, lighting and staircases, to give a modern and aesthetically pleasing look to your retail environment.

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For other uses of mezzanine floors, please have a read of our guide to the uses of a mezzanine floor. (




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