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Why a Mezzanine Floor?

You may be frequently faced with the question, ‘how can I sell more mezzanines?’ and, whilst many people are still asking ‘Why should I choose a mezzanine?’  you need to know the key facts on why a mezzanine floor is right for so many companies.

Let’s take a look at some of the selling points on why a mezzanine floor can benefit you and/or  your customers.

Custom Designed

 Here at Hi-Level our mezzanine floors are custom designed, providing you with the ability to have your mezzanine fitted within existing building constraints – no matter what the shape or size.

Fast Turn Around

 Fast turnaround, means short sales cycles, giving you the ability to sell more when it matters. A mezzanine floor from Hi-Level can be quoted within 24 hours and the turnaround from the placement of an order to installation can be in as little as 4 weeks.


 Mezzanines are the most economical solution to create more square footage for expanding businesses. If your company is growing, moving premises can be expensive and disruptive and you may want not want to relocate, a mezzanine floor can help you stay where you are.  You will be maximizing space, potentially doubling the area, without changing premises or increasing rent costs, for a one off price.


 Whether you are looking to increase retail space to expand your product offering, therefore making a better experience for your customers, or you are wanting to increase storage or production facilities; or even install new office space above an existing warehouse a mezzanine floor is versatile enough to do all of this and more.

Make it your own

With the use of high quality, powder coated ancillaries in a wide choice of colours you can really make your mezzanine a part of your company, whether you are matching colours to a mezzanine in your warehouse, or the front of house in a new retail store, make it unified and make it yours.
Hi Level Mezzanines use a unique production management system to plan and design their mezzanine floors; additional features can be factored in and quoted using real time prices to speed up the process of installing your mezzanine flooring

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What our clients say

“I am are absolutely delighted with the job, the floor is exactly what I had hoped it would be and the efficiency in managing the project has been excellent from start to finish. Hi-Level is to be commended on every level and stands as a lesson to us in how to run a successful business”.
Box LithoProject Manager

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