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Mezzanine Flooring must now display CE Marking

As from the 1st July 2014, anyone supplying non-CE marked fabricated structural steelwork to a site is breaking the law. This includes mezzanine flooring.

CE marking is now the responsibility of the party bringing structural steelwork to the market, such as your mezzanine floor provider, so it is important that you check with all your providers to make sure that they are suitably certified.


What is CE Marking?

 CE Marking is required for many products and shows that the manufacturer has checked that the product meets EU safety, health or environmental requirements, that the product complies with EU legislation, and that the free movement of the product is allowed within the European Movement.


What happens if you supply non-CE marked materials?

Penalties for non-compliance with the new rules at a minimum could result in the issue of prohibition notices, notices to warn, suspension notices and application for forfeiture. For certain offences the penalties can also include a fine, imprisonment or both.


Initially, Trading Standards will be working with any non-certified offenders to ensure compliance, but with banks and insurers now on board, non-CE marked goods will not be paid for, and are likely to be removed and replaced. All of this will be at the distributor’s expense.


How Hi-Level Mezzanines has adapted to the changes

Following an intense audit from BM Trada (a world leader in certification) of our management and factory production processes, Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd are pleased to announce that we have been granted CE certification in accordance with the requirements of EN 1090, which is the technical standard applicable to fabricated structural steelwork.


As a result, all of our clients will have the assurance that all mezzanine floors supplied by Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd will continue to satisfy the statutory requirements of the Construction Products regulations. With our CE Mark Certification, we still remain market leaders in the mezzanine floor industry.


For more help or information about anything relating to mezzanine floors, please contact us on 01730 237190 or visit our website –



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