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How Mezzanine Floors Can Help Production and Manufacturing Companies

Production and manufacturing companies have certainly been through some tough times in the last few years. But recent months have started to see much better growth figures, suggesting that the worst is now behind us, and businesses can start to breathe a sigh of relief that they have survived one of the longest and deepest recessions since the 1930s.


There have now been six consecutive quarters of economic growth in the UK, which is the longest run of positive figures since the financial crisis began, and the economy has now officially overtaken the level it was at back in 2008. However, whilst the recovery is undoubtedly underway, it is not yet a strong recovery, and nobody is being complacent. For businesses that are seeing increased demand and want to grow and expand again as the economy takes off to cater for it, they have to walk the tightrope carefully. Yes, they want to be able to increase their capacity, but they also don’t want to do anything too risky until the recovery proves to be stronger.


For many businesses, that means they want to produce and manufacture more products, but they don’t have the premises and facilities to do it. Moving premises is both costly and inconvenient. The last thing that a company wants and needs at such a critical time is loss of production caused by the upheaval of moving to another building. Production and manufacturing companies are therefore looking instead to get the very best out of their existing premises, and are increasingly turning to mezzanine floors, and the space and flexibility that they provide, to help them do that.

Mezzanine floors have become increasingly popular among production and manufacturing companies because they can almost double the amount of space you have for production and manufacturing. They can accommodate an entire production or assembly line, or allow for the creation of pick and pack areas. Mezzanine floors made of strong structural steel are capable of withstanding the weight of conveyor systems, plant, machinery and racking, although when designing mezzanine floors to accommodate heavy production or assembly lines it is critical that you get the column positions exactly right.

When planning and designing a mezzanine floor that aims to maximise productivity, it is vital to make the very best use of every bit of space that is available. The best way to do this is using our integrated computerised mezzanine floor production system, QD4 Pro, to calculate the most efficient mezzanine design solution. This produces detailed CAD drawings of the project for Building Regulations approval, manufacturing and installation.



A range of ancillary products can also be added to a mezzanine floor for the convenience of staff and the smooth running of the production line, including staircases, balustrades, pallet gates, walkways and handrails. This makes sure that large numbers of staff are able to move quickly, easily and safely around the production line as they need to, and that manufacturing and production lines are fit for purpose. Edge protection also makes sure that employees are protected and that the production area conforms to health and safety regulations. All of these can be aligned with corporate colour schemes to make your mezzanine floor fit in perfectly with your existing business. Fire protection is also incorporated into mezzanine floors to ensure that they comply with building regulations. This includes fire resistant column casings and fire rated ceilings.

For more information about mezzanine floors for production and manufacturing companies, please visit or call us on 01730 237190. To find out more about how mezzanine floors can help other industries, please click here to read our guide to the many different uses of a mezzanine floor.

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