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What is iQD?

What is iQD?




iQD is a floor production management system unique to Hi-Level Mezzanine Floors  Whereas some companies may quote their clients a low price based on the lowest quality materials and specifications that they can get away with, our production management system helps to cut costs in other ways. iQD helps to create a streamlined and competitive quote based on a client’s particular needs and requirements by finding the most efficient and effective way to create their mezzanine floor.


Given the correct dimensions, details and requirements, iQD will calculate the most effective and cost friendly way of creating a mezzanine floor. It takes into account a number of factors such as the price of materials in real time, which helps to make the quote competitive.


Computer-aided drafting (CAD) is the process by which a technical drawing is made, detailing the structure of a mezzanine floor. You may be surprised to know that this process is virtually instant when undertaken in iQD and can drastically speed up the installation process.


Another reason that iQD is such an important element of our work is that it helps to schedule the manpower involved in your project – taking into account the availability of installation teams.


Where some companies may offer low spec materials to reduce costs, Hi-Level’s base specification for a floor and its ancillaries aligns with only the best industry practices available, European and British standards, CE Mark Certification and BRE Digest 437. You can read more about our high standards of quality, here


For more information about installing a mezzanine floor, call us on 01730 233223, or visit our website http://www.hi-levelmezzanines.co.uk

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“Hi-level were appointed to carry out a single story extension within a live warehouse environment. The project was delivered on time and to a high standard throughout. This was our first project with Hi-level and we would not hesitate using them again as their attitude from tendering the project through to completing the works was second to none. Thank you to everyone involved.” Read about the project here
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