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Using partitions to improve your office

Few companies have the luxury of a custom built office, but in the pursuit of achieving the maximum level of productivity possible, many companies are now starting to see the benefits of installing an office that is designed specifically to fit their organisation’s requirements. However, it is a big decision to make dramatic changes to your office layout, and for that reason a number of organisations have previously preferred to put up with the problems caused by an inefficient office layout rather than face the cost and disruption caused by making changes. In short, they have felt that it is just not worth it. However, one simple but effective solution to the problems caused by ineffective use of office space could be office partitions.

During the 1990s it was popular to create open plan offices, which were light and airy and people felt comfortable in. Many companies are still operating within these same offices, and although they are aesthetically pleasing, this is often at the expense of its main function as a working environment. This article looks at some of the inefficiencies and problems that could be caused as a result of an office not catering to the exacting needs of a business, and how partitions might offer up potential solutions to these common business problems.

Lack of flexibility

In a business environment that is constantly changing, so too must those businesses that operate within it. The demands placed on a business will constantly change, and whilst a particular office design might suit a business at a certain phase, a couple of years down the line this same design may not be relevant. Therefore introducing rigid office structures might not only be expensive, but can also come at a cost to a business’s flexibility and responsiveness to change. Office partitions offer a unique solution to dealing with the succession of different demands placed on the office space, and enable floor space to be quickly adapted and changed depending on the needs at that particular time.


Anyone working within an open plan office will understand the constant problem of noise. Whether it is phones ringing, people talking or machinery like printers, noise can serve as a great distraction. The more people within that shared space the greater the noise levels and the potential for distraction, which can in turn inhibit the efficiency of those working within this space. With the added benefit of sound proofing, office partitions can resolve this problem, and the installation of these is likely to lead to a much more productive working environment without having to forgo the costly and time consuming process of making permanent changes to the office structure.

Private space

No matter what sector your business operates in, eventually there will be a need for some degree of private space. Managers need to have meetings with important clients, sensitive issues might need to be discussed and private meetings need to take place, all without the rest of the work force listening in. By using partitions to allocate areas of private space, businesses are likely to benefit from the added privacy offered to individuals, thereby improving both the quality of meetings and giving the exclusivity needed.

Team cohesion

It’s known that strong departmental cohesion and identity is likely to bring the best possible outcomes, with members within departments working to spur each other on to complete different objectives. In an open office space, it can be difficult to make clear distinctions between different departments within the company, and this cohesion can be lost as a result. A quick fix solution to this might be the installation of partitions which of course can be moved and changed as teams adapt and evolve. These act to divide up the office space amongst different departments, and increase both team identity and cohesion.

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