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Introducing iQD

We were absolutely thrilled at IMHX 2016, to share the latest advance in Mezzanine Floor Estimation and Customer interaction…. iQD.

Our technology specialists, who are unique in our industry, have engineered an application which can best be explained as …”one of a kind”.

Sales Executives/Distributors will now control the estimation and selling process in “real time”, and early feedback confirms that this will fast become an essential selling aid.

Hi-Level’s key distributors will soon be able to personalize their own quotations and render a 3D visualization at end user premises, an industry first.

iQD is a natural progression from QD4 (and QD3 before), giving customers the most efficient use of materials to provide the most economic mezzanine floor cost in the market and unlike others we have been doing this for a quarter of a century!

iQD is fuss free and can create a detailed mock-up for a mezzanine floor that would otherwise take days to create in a drawing format. Customers can simply input their requirements and dimensions of the proposed floor by following our step by step instructions – it really is as simple as that!

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The application will become available to select customers Autumn 2016.




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What our clients say

“I am are absolutely delighted with the job, the floor is exactly what I had hoped it would be and the efficiency in managing the project has been excellent from start to finish. Hi-Level is to be commended on every level and stands as a lesson to us in how to run a successful business”.
Box LithoProject Manager

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