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Why We Built iQD

At Hi-Level our unique selling proposition of value engineering is what sets us apart from other mezzanine floor installers. We have always been truly proud of our quality estimation and selling process, incorporating the most efficient use of materials and cost effective quotations.

Our technology experts saw a gap in the industry and decided to harness the opportunity to build a one of a kind budget calculator exclusive to Hi-Level Mezzanine Floors. Ultimately we wanted our customers to be able to instantly access our services anytime, anywhere. With iQD not only is this possible but users will now be able to see their future floors built right in front of them within a matter of minutes, whilst receiving an accurate budget price!

We are confident iQD will accelerate us ahead of competitors and connect us even closer to our loyal customers!




For questions regarding iQD please contact iqd-support@hi-level.co.uk

iQD launches 21st November 2016!

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What our clients say

“Hi-Level completed our mezzanine and did a great job and quickly installed!”.
Orchard GroupProject Manager

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