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How A Mezzanine Floor Can Benefit Restaurants and Bars

Most bars and restaurants would like to be running at full capacity, but when this happens and things begin to go well, a sudden lack of room for customers can put unwanted pressure on bar and kitchen staff.

It can also lead owners to consider relocation or opening another bar or restaurant as a way of easing congestion. However, this isn’t always the best option to take.

In a time when property prices are very expensive and good locations equally hard to come by, making the most of your current premises and its existing layout can be crucial to running a successful bar or restaurant. Take Brompton in Chelsea for example, where the average price per square foot of land is around £2133, or the trendy area of Shoreditch where property prices hit £1061 per square foot.  This high cost of property, not just in London but also elsewhere in the country, means that the financial costs involved make purchasing new property a gamble.

As well as price, there is also your customer base to consider. Will another building in a new location be as popular as your current location? If not then will you be able to effectively market it and attract new customers? Losing the customer base that you’ve worked hard to build up, often over many years, is a legitimate worry to have.

In a time when property prices are incredibly expensive and good locations are hard to come by, making the most of your space can be crucial to a bars success, so if relocating is off the table, what other options remain?

Installing a mezzanine floor is the number one solution to a shortage of space. By building a secondary floor within your current property you can create additional room which can be used to accommodate more customers on your premises by using a mezzanine floor as an extra seating area, a space for secondary bar, a kitchen or customer toilets – the options are endless. Best of all, a mezzanine floor can be installed with minimum disruption to your business and be tailored to your individual needs – reducing pressure on your staff and increasing your capacity for customers.

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