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How Mezzanine Floors Are Helping Retailers Adapt To E-Commerce

According to the most recent figures, internet usage in the UK is at an all time high, with over 90% of the UK’s 64.91 million people regularly using the internet.

This rise in internet usage, spurred on by the invention of smart phones and tablets, has come with an exciting growth in the world of online shopping, or e-commerce as it is known. In fact, online sales in the UK now account for at least 12% of all the retail sales in the UK – bricks and mortar shops included.

Indeed, many businesses now purely sell their goods online with no physical retail units at all. Companies like Amazon, Boohoo, ASOS, Moonpig and even former physical retailers like Littlewoods and Sony now only sell their wares online, while many of those companies who have retained their high street locations are seeing an ever growing proportion of their revenue springing from the products they sell online.

However, for those companies who are seeing their businesses transition towards e-commerce there are many challenges to overcome. Moving from a bricks and mortar shop to an online store can be a difficult prospect and companies commonly face hurdles of creating a quality online experience with fully developed marketing, social media and sales approaches. But quite often the biggest conundrum comes in how to fulfil orders as the business grows.

As seen by fashion retailer ASOS, growth can come thick and fast for online retailers. Launched in 2002 the online retailer began their business at a time when clothing sales online were relatively low. Now in 2017 the business ships to over 200 territories and sells as many as 300,000 dresses every single week.

One of the key aspects of developing an online business that can sustain this kind of growth is order fulfilment and in particular the adaptability of their warehouses. Warehouses need to be able to receive, sort and store goods and be able to pick, pack and deliver in the shortest amount of time possible. However, there are all kinds of variables that come with online shopping and warehouses must be able to respond quickly to seasonal demand, new trends and unexpected demand for products.

One of the best ways to respond to this type of demand is to have a mezzanine floor installed. A mezzanine floor can be installed quickly in your warehouse, making the most of the vertical space you have that would normally go unused.

This space can be used for a variety of functions, whether as a storage area, picking and packing area, a place to do paperwork, or even staff amenities such as toilets and lunch break rooms. All of which can help your business to become more efficient and well organised.

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