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The Automotive Industry: Supplying Mezzanine Floor Solutions

The automotive sector is moving at a rapid pace as key players in the industry continuously transform and reinvent transport as we know it. Whether it’s organisations like Team BRIT changing the face of motor racing or luxury car brands pioneering intelligent innovation, such bold movements are revolutionising the future of automotive products and services. Hi-Level has designed mezzanine solutions to the automotive industry for many years, optimising space for the storage of car accessories, manufacturing and show rooms.

You can read about some of our work below:

Storage & Warehouses

Storing car parts or supplies can use a considerable amount of space and as the demand for warehouses increase, prices continue to soar. Such economical burdens force business owners with the decision to relocate or more beneficially, optimise their existing space. We have worked with several automotive businesses to build mezzanine flooring to maximise their building capacity.

Most recently, we helped support Team BRIT expand their workshop. What makes Team BRIT so inspiring is how their entire team consists of disabled drivers, many from the armed forces.  They are provided with intense driver development programmes to compete against able bodied drivers. As Team BRIT gear up to make racing history by participating in Le Mans 24hr endurance race, our team stepped in and designed them a mezzanine floor. We created a first-floor storage area to free up their ground floor space for their expanding vehicle fleet.

                                              Darren Amos, Hi-Level Internal Sales Account Manager at Silverstone Fun Cup 2018


Automotive manufacturers are regularly under pressure to maintain strong momentum and keep up with the growing market. Particularly, efficient production and the delivery of parts/car accessories to the end user is a main priority. Recently, we worked with Martins Fixings for Jaguar Land Rover as they expand their pre-production line in Coventry. Our bespoke mezzanine floor design created additional space for all their heavy-duty equipment and was installed with minimal disruption.



We have been a part of large projects involving refurbishing and designing mezzanine areas for motor vehicle show rooms. Such extensions provided additional space for both showcasing their cars and providing staff with expanded working areas. Below are some examples of our work with major car dealers.


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