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Alasdair Reid

Meet the Contracts team – Alasdair Reid

Three months into his new role at Hi-Level, we met with Alasdair Reid to understand more about his professional background and find out how he likes to relax outside of work.

What’s your role at Hi-Level?

My job title is Project Manager & Surveyor. I’m on the road more than I’m in the office, carrying out site surveys* and visiting customers.

*Read about our imaging laser scanners and how Alasdair carries out site surveys.

What were you doing prior to joining us?

I spent 15 years as an Operations Manager for a steel frame company which involved surveys and installations. Before that, following university where I studied music, I worked as a peripatetic guitar teacher visiting primary and secondary schools, so quite a change!

What’s your most unusual project? 

Nothing too bizarre, but I was involved in a project for BBC Songs of Praise, and also helped arrange an exhibition space at the opening of the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Do you have a professional mantra?

Check and check again – I want to ensure I obtain all the information I need when I visit a customer’s site to ensure they get the most accurate survey possible. I tend to carry a lot of kit with me as a result.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Hong Kong – I’ve got a family connection there and I also spent a couple of weeks travelling around, indulging my love of photography. The markets are a feast for the eyes (and lens) but I avoided some of the more ‘interesting’ local delicacies!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Pizza! Pepperoni in particular. I ate pizza every day when I was last in Italy (should I admit that?)

Out of hours what do you enjoy doing?

Music is my passion and I’m in two bands – we gig at weekends for functions including weddings so I’m always busy. In the future I’d love to get back into clay pigeon shooting which brings out my competitive edge.

What’s your proudest moment?

Apart from my children of course, being wished happy birthday by my guitar idol Eric Clapton at a concert in Albert Hall when I was in the front row – it was a complete surprise and something I’ll never forget.

Do you have a favourite film?

Goodfellas from 1990, mainly for the soundtrack… and director Martin Scorsese is a genius.

What would be your dream job?

Second guitarist to Eric Clapton, now that would be amazing!


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