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Running out of Warehouse Space? 3 Benefits of Not Relocating

60% of warehouses are now used by retailers, with food production and pharmaceutical industries storing extra supplies ahead of Brexit (Via BBC). Such pressures have directly contributed to a near doubling in demand for storage space, especially in the past year. As the UK gears up for Brexit and the crunch for capacity surges, considering your next plan of action is essential. Our 3 key points provide a rundown of why you may not need to relocate or buy more space and the most practical solution for you.

1st Benefit: Productivity Losses

One of the biggest points to consider is how you will keep your warehouse efficiently running during the transition phase. Every second counts with customers and jeopardising your operations could be a recipe for disaster. For example, ASOS minimised any disruption by keeping increasing storage capacity within their existing distribution centre.



2nd Benefit: Budget & Cost of Relocating

According to IBISWorld, the cost of industrial production facilities is anticipated to rise as consumers continue to spend. Rent prices are a discouraging factor for many businesses and purchasing additional premises can be very costly. Instead, companies such as Jaguar Land Rover have been able to boost their work performance by re-configuring their existing space for additional storage.



3rd Benefit: Lack of Availability  

As a result of the UK’s insatiable appetite for e-commerce and pressures to stockpile goods, the rate of available warehouses is gradually decreasing. Recent articles have shown premises are filling up as online retail sales boom and suppliers prepare for all possible contingencies in the build-up to Brexit (Via The Guardian). Such events have meant the market has become more competitive with relocating becoming a high-risk option.




  • Assessing your existing space is the first stage in elevating your premises. Small changes such as creating room for racking can boost how much stock you are able to store and be the initial step in reducing costs.
  • Maximising your interior structure with separate floors/rooms can be greatly beneficial in making your business more efficient. The addition of a new mezzanine floor could help optimise your vertical space for storage, stock control or employee workspace.

How Hi-Level Can Help

Our mezzanine floors are uniquely designed to be a practical addition in any business premises. Their robust configuration can take extremely high point loads and can be used for holding conveyer systems, heavy-duty machines or automation systems. Regardless of the size of your project, our floors provide the optimal solution for expanding production in your warehouse. Our expect project managers have assisted many leading companies in designing a mezzanine floor to drive new opportunities.

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Warehouse Storage Ideas – Organising Stock Ahead of Brexit

Having an integrated warehouse system is essential for smooth and efficient business operations. With Brexit bringing uncertainty to such operations, preparing your stock and resources for any possible outcome can keep your warehouse successfully running. Here are some ideas on how to boost your storage.

Pallet Racking

These multi-level systems are commonly accompanied with a mezzanine floor. The floor provides a rigid structure for the racks to be stored comfortably, giving you maximum storage space and easing the process of retrieving goods. We were the leaders behind one of the UK’s tallest, free standing mezzanine which supported the addition of pallet racking and boosted our client’s production area.

Multi-tiered Flexibility

Arranging your work operations into different levels can have exceptional benefits on your business’s productivity levels. Many premises have unused vertical space that can be transformed into productive areas. Different floors can be used for new systems, additional storage or even office space. The possibilities are endless when you have optimal space to be flexible with your business.

Automation Machinery

Automation systems are gradually appearing in more warehousing premises. Such change has created a demand for space solutions on how to strategically store heavy machinery and equipment. Mezzanine floors can be fabricated from concrete composite or steel to take very high point loads. Such rigid composition can provide full functionality for any complex machines you may have. You can make your warehouse both practical and efficient.


The increasing concerns about Brexit and shortage in warehouses has led many companies to stockpile. Food and pharmaceutical industries are encouraged to be creative with their spaces in order to cause minimal disruption to customers. A mezzanine floor area enables extra stock in your warehouse, ensuring you can stay on top of operations.

Filing Documents

As your business operations grow, it becomes more important to store sensitive data in a safe and secure way. An organised system which provides filing space for all your physical documents is essential. Mezzanine flooring can give you a convenient area to archive and access important resources at complete ease.


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International Electronics Supplier Expands Operations to New Heights

The Challenge

We were the selected mezzanine floor provider for an international supplier and manufacturer in the electronics industry. As the company continues to dominate their market, they required a mezzanine floor area to elevate their operations to new heights in Warrington.

Maintaining productivity levels was essential to the client and their ongoing work during warehouse operating hours. In addition, the existing shelving units could not be disturbed or dismantled during the installation process.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 138m² mezzanine floor area
  • 4.8kN/m² load bearing for storage
  • Minimal disruption to productivity
  • Safety pallet gates for handling heavy goods
  • Custom colour to match corporate identity

The Solution and Result

Our engineers worked closely with our client to provide a bespoke mezzanine that could comfortably sit above their existing shelving units to create a new functional loading area. Using our standard 38mm particle board, our floor was the perfect affordable and practical solution for their storage plans.  As always, we provided full customised options to the industrial general access staircase, edge-protection system and pallet gates for all their heavy loading. Following our client’s request, each of the ancillaries were finished in a vibrant yellow powder coating with full gloss retention.

The project was expertly wrapped up in two days as our installers worked alongside the client’s team during their operating hours. As a result of close communication throughout the project, we were able to fulfil their specifications to our continuous high-quality standards within the allocated time.

Client Operations Manager Comments

“Hi-Level were very efficient with little disruption to the warehouse working practices”

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IntraLogisteX 2019

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Come and meet our team of experts who will be at hand to provide the most effective and practical space-boosting solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity for all their burning questions to be answered with genuine ideas for improvement. With nearly 28 years in experience working with storage, warehousing and distribution facilities, our team can confidently support you with all space-related challenges.

Visit us at stand 422 as we look forward to hearing all your ideas and comments!

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The Automotive Industry: Supplying Mezzanine Floor Solutions

The automotive sector is moving at a rapid pace as key players in the industry continuously transform and reinvent transport as we know it. Whether it’s organisations like Team BRIT changing the face of motor racing or luxury car brands pioneering intelligent innovation, such bold movements are revolutionising the future of automotive products and services. Hi-Level has designed mezzanine solutions to the automotive industry for many years, optimising space for the storage of car accessories, manufacturing and show rooms.

You can read about some of our work below:

Storage & Warehouses

Storing car parts or supplies can use a considerable amount of space and as the demand for warehouses increase, prices continue to soar. Such economical burdens force business owners with the decision to relocate or more beneficially, optimise their existing space. We have worked with several automotive businesses to build mezzanine flooring to maximise their building capacity.

Most recently, we helped support Team BRIT expand their workshop. What makes Team BRIT so inspiring is how their entire team consists of disabled drivers, many from the armed forces.  They are provided with intense driver development programmes to compete against able bodied drivers. As Team BRIT gear up to make racing history by participating in Le Mans 24hr endurance race, our team stepped in and designed them a mezzanine floor. We created a first-floor storage area to free up their ground floor space for their expanding vehicle fleet.

                                              Darren Amos, Hi-Level Internal Sales Account Manager at Silverstone Fun Cup 2018


Automotive manufacturers are regularly under pressure to maintain strong momentum and keep up with the growing market. Particularly, efficient production and the delivery of parts/car accessories to the end user is a main priority. Recently, we worked with Martins Fixings for Jaguar Land Rover as they expand their pre-production line in Coventry. Our bespoke mezzanine floor design created additional space for all their heavy-duty equipment and was installed with minimal disruption.



We have been a part of large projects involving refurbishing and designing mezzanine areas for motor vehicle show rooms. Such extensions provided additional space for both showcasing their cars and providing staff with expanded working areas. Below are some examples of our work with major car dealers.


For more information on any of our projects, please call our sales team today!

Team BRIT Expands Workshop Space with Mezzanine Flooring

The Challenge

A branch of the charity Kart Force, Team BRIT inspires people with disabilities, PTSD and mental health issues by demonstrating what can be achieved through motor-sport.  Team BRIT aims to be the first ever all-disabled team to take part in the world famous Le Mans 24hr endurance race.

The team uses world-leading hand control technology to allow its disabled drivers to compete equally with able-bodied drivers.  It aims to revolutionise the motor-sport industry and to show injured military personnel & disabled people that they can achieve what they never thought possible.

As Team BRIT grow and undertake more exciting challenges, they were beginning to reach their site’s capacity and wanted to utilise their vertical space. Hi- Level were approached and we were delighted to help optimise their current workshop with a mezzanine area for additional storage.

The Criteria

Team BRIT required a mezzanine to be seamlessly integrated in their current workshop. The new floor space had to enable shelving and the storage of various car parts.

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 12.3m x 6.6.m Mezzanine Floor Area
  • Clear Ground Floor Staircase Access
  • High Point Loads

The Solution and Result

The mezzanine extension was a successful one-day installation, causing minimal disruption to Team BRIT. The flooring consisted of our quality particle board, a versatile decking suitable for most storage applications. This was complemented by a powder coated staircase for a highly durable, aesthetic finish and equipped with handrails for full functional use in the workshop.

By working closely with our client in the details and specifications of the design, we were able to deliver the perfect solution in doubling their floor space and providing them operational access on both the ground floor and the mezzanine.We ensured the installation was completed securely as Team BRIT carried out further refurbishment in their workshop.

We were pleased to have provided a mezzanine floor to the complete satisfaction of Team BRIT and fulfil all their specifications.

Dave Player, Team BRIT CEO & Founder Comments:

“Team BRIT took another major step forward by securing our own workshop, rather than paying companies to provide us with their services.  As we are growing so fast, we needed to plan for when we take on our next race car, which requires more workshop space.  This is where Hi-Level came to our rescue by offering their expertise and building the extra floor space we need.  We are totally chuffed with our new mezzanine addition to our garage! It looks amazing and has created so much extra floor space. We’re very thankful to Hi-Level who expertly installed this in a flash. Thank you very much – we have room to grow and to a bigger and better Team BRIT now!”


Please get in touch with our sales team for more information regarding any of our projects.



Concrete Composite Decked Mezzanine for Jaguar Land Rover with Martins Fixings

The Challenge

Hi-Level worked with Martins Fixings to provide a mezzanine floor installation for Jaguar Land Rover as they expand their pre-production line in Coventry.

A bespoke design was required to provide a mezzanine over a single level that was future proof to produce additional storage for the parts department. It was particularly important to provide clear areas on the ground floor so that production equipment could be incorporated and positioned where required.

Hi-Level’s creative approach and previous success in providing mezzanine floors to fulfil highly specific requirements were the leading factors for undertaking such a project.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • Decking to take very high point loads across the entire area
  • Clear areas to the ground floor for maximum flexibility
  • Positioned on the existing low capacity floor slab

The Solution and Result

Polished concrete composite decking was incorporated into a wide span steelwork structure. This highly durable product is extremely strong and robust, incorporating a concrete topping cast onto metal decking. Additional qualities such as water resistance, sound proof and fire protection made it perfectly suited for the project. The decking created a multipurpose mezzanine area that could confidently cope with the high point loads of their various equipment. The wide span structure beneath created a workspace comparatively free from vertical obstructions giving maximum flexibility to JLR for further storage below.

The wide spans resulted in markedly fewer ground floor columns than typical which in turn generated higher than usual column loads for the existing slab to cope with. Hi-Level’s solution was to design and supply pile foundations beneath the column baseplates creating a seamless integration into the existing slab. JLR were able to maintain their productivity levels and use the building throughout the project.

Hi-Level installers worked as part of an overall team in a fully programmed project involving many other trades to deliver the final product on time and fully fitted for immediate occupation by JLR. The works were integrated into a closely controlled working schedule within a fully functioning building which necessitated Hi-Level working out of hours and providing an accelerated build with no disruption to JLR’s day-to-day activities.

Adrian Williams, Hi-Level Project Manager Comments:

“This was a project where Hi-Level’s expert engineers produced a design that was greatly beneficial to JLR’s productivity and overall logistical performance. We ensured that we met all the specific requirements Jaguar Land Rover had set out with minimal disruption to their operations. Both Hi-Level and our client were delighted with the finished product”


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