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iQD Client Portal

The One-Stop-Shop For Everything About Your Project(s) With Us

A Focus on Customer Experience

From the initial letter of indemnity to the confirmation of your project’s completion, all information based on your project(s) with us is accessible in one place. Ready for you to view, share and reply to; no more trawling through emails or folders!


  • Free to use
  • An accurate and chronological narrative of a project’s progression (including timeline)
  • Both you and your Project Manager will receive instant notification when the other party has made an update to the project
  • All interactions can be completed within the portal – all information is safe in one place
  • An individualised portal with only the project(s) you manage (not company-wide)
  • Sign documents electronically – no need for printing and scanning
  • An integrated messaging platform
  • Documents categorised into project stages and stored indefinitely
  • A paperless system
  • We’re more flexible to work remotely – if going to the office isn’t viable
  • You can use the same login as your iQD Pro account (if you have one)

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What our clients say

“Hi-Level completed our mezzanine and did a great job and quickly installed!”.
Orchard GroupProject Manager

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