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Our Favourite Posts Of The Past Year

With the new year approaching we want to highlight some of our favourite articles we have posted over the past year. Take a look below…

iQD The App – Interview With The Developer

In November 2016 we launched the first version of iQD The App, a pocket version of our full iQD Pro system. We sat down to chat with the developer behind the motives of creating the App and what the future holds for the development team at Hi-Level. A year on and the App has been a success for Hi-Level, it allows our sales managers to produce an accurate budget cost in seconds making it easier for them to present quotes to our customers, Malcolm Plum Business Development Manager at Hi-Level comments “It’s extremely convenient that I can produce a budget quote on the move, my customers are always very impressed with the Apps speed and accuracy!”.




How A Mezzanine Floor Can Benefit Restaurants and Bars

Sometimes we design and install floors within restaurants and bars across the country. This post specifically focuses on the restaurant industry, and outlines why a mezzanine floor is often the best option over relocation.


Why Should You Use A Pallet Gate To Safely Access A Mezzanine Floor?

We outline the the ways in which pallet gates provide safety in conjunction with our mezzanine floors.



4 Strategies To Increase Your Production Capacity

In this discuss some of the ways in which you can meet increased demand from customers and clients, including optimising your warehouse by improving layout and increasing storage capacity. Fun Fact – this is one of our most read posts to date!

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iQD Pro Quoting System

We often say our USP of value engineering is what sets us apart from other mezzanine designers and installers which is why last year we launched our budget calculating tool iQD The App. Designed in-house, the app generates a 3D model of a floor within minutes based on a simple set of specifications. iQD Pro is an extension of this which allows users to generate full mezzanine floor quotes with a click of a button, automatically working out the most efficient design solution based on specific budget requirements and current steel prices. iQD Pro works seamlessly across all media devices and is available to our customers today.




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iQD The App – Interview With The Developer

iQD The App – A First Look

Why We Built iQD The App


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iQD The App – Interview With The Developer

With iQD now available, we caught up with our lead developer to discuss the process behind the app’s creation…

What was the motivation behind the creation of iQD? “Innovation through technology has always been a core philosophy at Hi-Level, from the early command-line based quoting system through to our latest iQD Pro quoting and management system. We wanted to challenge ourselves to bring something entirely new to the mezzanine floor industry, something that built upon our existing strengths but also set the foundations for our future”.

Why did you choose 3D rendering specifically?We chose 3D rendering because it represents a key sales tool and core part of our design process, but also a constraint on efficiency due to the time-consuming process involved”.

We have become ultra-efficient at quoting, what will iQD bring to this process? “iQD allows us to quote a mezzanine floor in seconds. Our challenge was to build a prototype sales tool that coupled our quoting engine with 3D design. Our target: The power of a 3D mezzanine floor model in seconds, simple enough that anyone can use it”.

What were the key drivers for the project?Great user experience was a key driver for this project, we decided that the iPad was the right platform. It empowers our sales people to deliver high quality presentations with touch-interaction, providing an immersive and intuitive user experience, wherever they are. The app allows the salesperson to input a few simple parameters from the client and will generate a 3D model of the mezzanine that they can move around to look at each aspect in detail. It also produces an automated quote document that is emailed to the client”.

How did you feel about the response from the debut of the app at IMHX 2016? The response from customers was beyond all expectations, they were very keen to get their hands on it! This was very exciting for us but also presented us with a new challenge, developing the prototype into a polished application we could deliver to them by the end of the year. Needless to say, we made it happen and are currently in the process of on-boarding our customer base to the new platform”.

Summarise iQD in a sentence? “The real beauty of the iQD app is that it’s so simple to use, you forget that there are powerful servers doing complex engineering calculations in the background to make sure you have the best design at the best possible price”.

What’s next for the development team? “At Hi-Level we are extremely excited about the future of iQD. We are committed to constantly developing the platform to bring new features, with support for ancillaries and real-time project tracking coming soon. For us, iQD is not just a great sales tool, it embodies our new focus on creating added value for our customers”.



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iQD The App – A First Look

At Hi-Level Mezzanine Floors we pride ourselves on quality and innovative design which is why we have chosen to develop our very own budget calculating application iQD.

Designed by our in-house experts, the iQD app will allow our clients to see their future mezzanine floor built right in front of them within matter of minutes whilst instantly receiving an accurate budget price.

Our customers will now have access to our services 24/7!

Check out the latest images from the app below:


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Fancy another read? Take a look at our other posts on iQD – Why We Chose To Build iQD and Introducing iQD

Why We Built iQD

At Hi-Level our unique selling proposition of value engineering is what sets us apart from other mezzanine floor installers. We have always been truly proud of our quality estimation and selling process, incorporating the most efficient use of materials and cost effective quotations.

Our technology experts saw a gap in the industry and decided to harness the opportunity to build a one of a kind budget calculator exclusive to Hi-Level Mezzanine Floors. Ultimately we wanted our customers to be able to instantly access our services anytime, anywhere. With iQD not only is this possible but users will now be able to see their future floors built right in front of them within a matter of minutes, whilst receiving an accurate budget price!

We are confident iQD will accelerate us ahead of competitors and connect us even closer to our loyal customers!




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iQD launches 21st November 2016!

Introducing iQD

We were absolutely thrilled at IMHX 2016, to share the latest advance in Mezzanine Floor Estimation and Customer interaction…. iQD.

Our technology specialists, who are unique in our industry, have engineered an application which can best be explained as …”one of a kind”.

Sales Executives/Distributors will now control the estimation and selling process in “real time”, and early feedback confirms that this will fast become an essential selling aid.

Hi-Level’s key distributors will soon be able to personalize their own quotations and render a 3D visualization at end user premises, an industry first.

iQD is a natural progression from QD4 (and QD3 before), giving customers the most efficient use of materials to provide the most economic mezzanine floor cost in the market and unlike others we have been doing this for a quarter of a century!

iQD is fuss free and can create a detailed mock-up for a mezzanine floor that would otherwise take days to create in a drawing format. Customers can simply input their requirements and dimensions of the proposed floor by following our step by step instructions – it really is as simple as that!

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The application will become available to select customers Autumn 2016.




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“Team BRIT took another major step forward by securing our own workshop, rather than paying companies to provide us with their services.  As we are growing so fast, we needed to plan for when we take on our next race car, which requires more workshop space.  This is where Hi-Level came to our rescue by offering their expertise and building the extra floor space we need.  We are totally chuffed with our new mezzanine addition to our garage! It looks amazing and has created so much extra floor space. We’re very thankful to Hi-Level who expertly installed this in a flash. Thank you very much – we have room to grow and to a bigger and better Team BRIT now!” Read about the project here
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