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Logistics Distribution Centre Mezzanine Floor With Magrock

The Client & Challenge

Building contractor Magrock invited Hi-Level to tender for this particular floor after being dissatisfied with a previous mezzanine floor supplier, who failed to meet their requirements. The end client, Clipper Logistics, are a UK leading logistics solutions company.

The Criteria

Clipper Logistics required the mezzanine floor within a new distribution centre for one of their clients.

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • Mezzanine Floor – 34m x 12m
  • Featuring 1 extra width general access staircase and 1 galvanised utility escape staircase
  • Side mounted handrail painted to the clients specification
  • Chamfered and countersunk fixing in base plates

The Solution & Result 

Despite delivery and installation being on a tight timescale, the build program was completed over a period of 9 days, finishing in December 2017.

“Hi level were appointed to carry out a single story extension within a live warehouse environment.  The project was delivered on time and to a high standard throughout.  This was our first project with Hi level and we would not hesitate using them again as their attitude from tendering the project through to completing the works was second to none.  Thank you to everyone involved” David Brewer, Construction Director – Magrock

Take a look at the finished product below:

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How Mezzanine Floors Can Enhance Warehousing Space

Mezzanine flooring can boost productivity in most businesses, within the warehousing sector the additional space created from the floor allows room for more stock and storage, helping business respond to demand quickly and efficiently. A mezzanine floor is also much cheaper and a less inconvenient alternative to relocating or building new premises.

Mezzanine floors are free standing raised platforms that are supported by structural steel columns, it’s also important to note that our floors are not limited to one tier and can be several stories high depending on building height and floor strength. Our floors can also hold large loads supporting bespoke offices, machinery and automation equipment making them ideal for across a number of industries.

Hi-Level have installed floors in some of the largest warehousing and distribution centres in the UK – why not take a look at our previous case studies here.

To support our floors Hi-Level offers onsite surveys, design and detailed CAD drawings, building regulations approval, manufacture and installation.

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4 Strategies To Increase Your Production Capacity

Although it can feel great to be shipping orders out the door left, right and center, at the same time a dramatic increase in sales can put immense pressure on your company infrastructure. Luckily there are options available to you to help ease the stress and meet the increasing demand from your customers and clients.

#1 – Working overtime

One of the most obvious and most commonly used methods of dealing with an increase in demand is to work longer hours to get the job done. While it’s true that this can help you on occasions, it should not be seen as a viable long term strategy. Working overtime puts pressure on both you and your employees and can lead to a drop in morale. Tired workers are also likely to make more mistakes, be absent off work with sickness and are often far less productive than their well-rested counterparts.

#2 – Subcontracting

Another short term fix is to outsource work to other businesses that may be able to help you achieve your production goals. Outsourcing work to other companies can allow you some valuable breathing space when you’re working to your limit. So consider asking an experienced company to take care of fulfilment, HR or other important duties that can relieve some pressure.  However, remember that it is important to brief external providers properly and check in to make sure that the work they are completing for you is of the highest quality.

#3 – Improving your layout

A longer term strategy that you can turn to when you are feeling stretched is to focus on optimising your current operations. Taking a close inspection of each area of your business can help highlight ways that you can improve and show you where your business is having problems. One key way that you can optimise your warehouse is to focus on improving your layout. Mezzanine floors for example, can allow you to reposition entire assembly lines, create new areas for picking and packing and ultimately provide you with further space and flexibility.

#4 – Increasing your storage capacity

A fourth way to keep up with the growth of your business is to invest in your equipment. Installing new sophisticated conveyor systems, machinery, or racking and even hiring new staff can help you to greatly increase your output. However, finding space can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Mezzanine floors can provide you with a convenient and cost effective way to maximise your productivity by using overhead space that would normally be wasted at a fraction of the cost of finding a new premises to relocate to.

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Storage Floor For Popular Gift and Homeware Brand

The Challenge

We came together with STS Storage to construct large floor for London based gift and homeware brand.

The Criteria

After growth in sales the client was keen to increase their storage capacity and decided a mezzanine floor would be the most practical solution for their new warehouse.

The Solution

  • To build a mezzanine floor of 61m x 18.5 m x 3.35 m.
  • Three staircases allow for minimum congestion.
  • To include underside fire protection.
  • Link the new floor to the existing 1st floor office area.
  • Extra ancillaries include handrail and pallet gates.

The Result

In April 2016 the project was wrapped up in under 3 weeks during a ‘fast track’ installation process, and as you can see from the images we are very pleased with the end result!

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Large Mezzanine For Prestige Homeseeker With Cubex Contracts

The Client & Challenge

Hi-Level Mezzanines and Cubex Contracts come together to design and install a mezzanine floor mobile home manufacturer, Prestige Homeseeker in Rushden.

The Criteria

The client wanted to increase their production capacity and believed a mezzanine floor to be a viable solution in providing extra space and accelerating the overall manufacturing process.

The Solution

  • To create 1200 square metres of additional floor space in the form of a mezzanine floor.
  • Design a cantilever deck to ensure the largest amount of space possible, without restricting columns.
  • Additional higher mezzanine area for an efficient production line.
  • Finish with 6m gate to allow for storage of roofing materials, 3m channel down the centre of the underside of the floor for forklift access and bespoke fire rated bulkhead for the sprinkler system pipework.

The Result

The project was completed in August 2016. Cubex chose Hi-Level as the supplier, specifically due to their reputation as a credible and highly experienced installer. Frances MacKenzie of Cubex comments “We chose Hi-Level to support us because as a supplier of ours they have never let us down and demonstrated skilled engineering in the past, which is what this project required”.

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Mezzanine Floor for the UK’s Largest Independent Freight Forwarder


The Challenge

To supply, deliver and install a single tier mezzanine floor, fire protection and staircase enclosures in a busy warehouse, the client needed minimal disruption and required the time frame to be met with no compromises.

The Criteria

Hi-Level Mezzanines and the distributor went through a rigorous tender process for the design, supply and installation of a 31,000 square foot mezzanine floor with a load capacity of 6.0kN/m2 UDL. The brief set out by Davies Turner was for the full turnkey of designing a mezzanine floor, full 1 hour fire protection, lighting, smoke detection and stair enclosures .

With steel spans of 9,750mm x 7,800mm and a finished floor height of 4,150mm, this was not going to be a straight forward project. On inspection it was noted that the floor slab was incapable of taking the imposed floor loading. After carrying out a Geo Technical Investigation every column required piling, Hi-Level Mezzanines and their distributor were tasked with designing the piles and pile caps to take the imposed load of the mezzanine floor.

The Solution

Hi-Level were chosen by their distributor based on previous experience and a good working relationship -”Hi Level worked closely with me on getting the design right to make sure that when the floor arrived on site everything fitted perfectly. Our project manager was very professional throughout the installation and helped by going the extra mile to make sure the project was handed over earlier than the client anticipated.” said the Sales Director

The Result

The mezzanine floor was completed in September 2012 after 4 weeks onsite for the mezzanine floor and 3 weeks for the fire rating. The project was completed on time and within budget. The Hi-Level Project Manager said ‘This was a large turn key project which had phased hand over deadlines, so this meant we needed to work efficiently to meet the installation deadlines. We are pleased to say that the client was extremely satisfied with the end result especially as we were able to complete the job in budget and provide an earlier handover time which meant there was no disruption to them”.

Director of Davies Turner & Co Ltd said “Davies Turner have been provided with a perfect solution to our additional floor space requirements delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption for such a large mezzanine project in a busy warehouse. Our time frame was absolutely critical”.

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

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What our clients say

“Team BRIT took another major step forward by securing our own workshop, rather than paying companies to provide us with their services.  As we are growing so fast, we needed to plan for when we take on our next race car, which requires more workshop space.  This is where Hi-Level came to our rescue by offering their expertise and building the extra floor space we need.  We are totally chuffed with our new mezzanine addition to our garage! It looks amazing and has created so much extra floor space. We’re very thankful to Hi-Level who expertly installed this in a flash. Thank you very much – we have room to grow and to a bigger and better Team BRIT now!” Read about the project here
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