Tesco | Daventry | £1,600,000 | Hi-Level Mezzanines

Tesco | Daventry | £1,600,000

In Partnership with Jarvis Contracting Ltd

The Challenge

This large-scale project was for Tesco’s clothing storage and sortation facility in Daventry, Northamptonshire. This facility was already being used by Tesco and was previously fitted out with an extensive racking system throughout the site. Together with our partner, we were to install a bespoke mezzanine solution (Hi-Level’s task) that would accommodate a mixed of manual and automated sortation processes, including the notable construction of an intricate pre-racked clothing shuttle system (our partner’s task).

For health and safety reasons, the client also required a bespoke mesh edge protection system which would be attached to our traditional handrail and kickplate. However, our standard handrail would not successfully support the mesh so our design team would have to devise a solution. The site’s landlord did not want any additional features dug into the foundations, so our team would have to place a larger slab plate underneath the column so that the foundations could withstand the structure’s weight load.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • Bespoke three-tier mezzanine structure
  • 23,360m² floor size
  • 4kN/m² live load
  • Ancillaries: 1600m custom edge protection with bespoke mesh attached, 1 sliding gate and 9 utility staircases

The Solution and Result

The complex pre-racked clothing shuttle system would cross multiple floors, so it was essential we communicated effectively with our partner to understand the system’s formation and elevations or descents to other floors. Only with this understanding could we effectively deliver a bespoke solution that would support the sortation system.

Hi-level’s design team successfully met the landlord’s request by implementing a considerably larger slab (1000mm² slab plate) between the columns default 300mm² slab and the surface. This efficiently distributed the mezzanine’s weight load without having to dig into the foundations of the site.

To safely support and attach the mesh Tesco required to the structure’s edge protection, Hi-Level’s Design Team had to raise the level of the handrail. Only with this custom adaptation to our standard edge protection could we meet the end user’s request and maximise the mezzanine’s safety precautions.

Upon project completion, Tesco received a bespoke three-tiered mezzanine which provided simple, safe and fast movement and sortation of products alongside a unique edge protection system which included an additional protective mesh feature. This structure enabled the installation of a highly-technical pre-racked clothing shuttle across multiple floors, whilst also permitting enough space for both planned and unplanned maintenance access.

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