iQD Pro: Revolutionising Mezzanine Floor Project Management

iQD Pro is Hi-Level’s industry-leading quoting and project management system. It’s a fully bespoke software platform that runs in the cloud, allowing us to quote a Mezzanine Floor in seconds and manage every aspect of the manufacturing, delivery and installation process. You can experience the power of our iQD Pro platform by using our Mezzanine Floor Calculator to get an instant free online quote.

The Process

What You Need to Know

To successfully complete a quote on iQD Pro, you will need to know the following information:

  • Location of the site
  • Dimensions of the floor
  • Loading requirements of the structure / what will it be used for?
  • Finished floor level

*note: this is the minimum amount of information required to complete an IQD Pro quote. If you would like a more accurate quote, further information is required and can be added during the project’s development.

If you would like to turn your quote waiting time into minutes, contact our sales team for your IQD Pro Portal.

01730 237190

Looking for a budget mezzanine price?

Use our simple budget calculator below to get an instant mezzanine floor costing.

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Quote Request

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