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Mezzanine Safety Tips

19th May 2020

Mezzanines are a superb way to maximise space and efficiency at work, however, they can also pose a hazard when it comes to health and safety. Find out about the legislation that applies to mezzanine safety, as well as the guidelines that should be followed to ensure that any staff, visitors, or customers using a […]

Remaining Operational During COVID-19

1st May 2020

Coronavirus has caused considerable pressures to all businesses, no matter what industry they are within. Social distancing, isolation and suitable protective measures have affected how businesses operate and the timescales of which most businesses can deliver their product or service have become threatened. How Hi-Level Has Been Affected Hi-Level is no exception to this global […]

Mezzanine Floor Considerations

13th January 2020

Anyone thinking about installing a mezzanine in their premises will likely be faced with a variety of practicalities to consider, both before the process begins and after it has been installed. Try to make sure you think of everything early on, so you can avoid having to make changes or regretting any choices you made […]

A Look Back at 2019

11th December 2019

2019 has been another busy year for Hi-Level. Despite the doom and gloom regarding Brexit, we’ve just put our heads down, designing and installing hundreds of bespoke mezzanine solutions for businesses across the UK and Ireland. And now, as the excitement of the upcoming festivities build, it is a great time to look back over […]

The 5 S’s of Manufacturing Efficiency

30th October 2019

The 5S system can be a valuable tool for any business setting, but has been seen to bring considerable advantages to a manufacturing environment in particular. Initially coined by Toyota, the 5S principles are Japanese but are easily transferable and translatable to English-speaking environments; Seiri = Sort Seiton = Systematize Seiso = Shine Seiketsu = […]

Meet us at IMHX

12th August 2019

If you’re a logistics or supply chain professional, IMHX is the trade event of the year you don’t want to miss! The UK’s largest logistics event returns to the NEC in Birmingham after 3 years and promises to be the best yet, with over 16,000 professionals attending across manufacturing, engineering, retail and more.  It’s a […]

5 Tips That Improve Stockroom Management

1st August 2019

Stockroom organisation is integral for businesses of all sizes – from small enterprises to large and complex operations. While retailers with physical stores are under constant pressure to keep customers coming back, it can be easy to only focus on the sales floor and neglect the back of house. However, your stockroom functions as the […]

The Best Retail Floor Layout for Your Business

1st August 2019

Retail floor layout design is a very crucial and strategic decision which can affect a customer’s shopping experience and encourage their purchases. Presenting merchandise in an efficient way will ultimately maximise the sales for each square foot of selling space. A wide range of research has investigated human behaviour and the best practices for retail. […]

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