Having the site prepared for your Hi-Level solution is as crucial as the system itself. If your site isn’t capable of withstanding the weight loads of any mezzanine structures (or the weight of the items placed upon it), it is not fit-for-purpose and could potentially be a critical safety issue. This is why we can provide piling as part of our service.

What is Piling?

We implement piling when the shallow foundations of a site (the foundations closest to the surface) are not capable of withstanding the weight loads that will be placed upon it. This traditionally takes the form of placing extra support within the foundations.

There are three main types of piling which can be used depending on the characteristics of the deeper foundations. These are:

  • End bearing pile – Implemented when the deep foundations are strong and the piles transfer the weight load onto the deeper foundations.
  • Friction piling – Placed when the deep foundations are also weak and the piles themselves have to withstand the weight placed upon them via the friction on its walls holding them in place.
  • Friction come bearing pile – When the deep foundations are of medium strength, a combination of both previous solutions can be combined.

When we recommend installing piling

The flexibility of mezzanine floors means these structures can vary greatly in weight load. Therefore, not all sites would require piling to bear the additional tonnage.

When we suspect that a site’s foundations are not capable of withstanding the weight of our custom-designed solution, we can arrange a safe ground bearing test to completely understand the capabilities of the site. It is from this test, we will know the strength of foundations and, with this information, whether to recommend moving forward with piling as part of our bespoke spacing solution.

If you would like to learn more about piling, or when we believe it suitable to include, please contact our sales team.

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