Strengthen Your Mezzanine Floor with Reliable Piling Solutions

Preparing your site for a Hi-Level mezzanine is critical, ensuring your slab can withstand both the weight of the structure and the load you intend to place upon it.

This is both a safety issue and essential to your business maximising the value of your mezzanine.

What is Piling?

Piling is our hidden magic when the load requirement is greater than the slab will take.

Piles can be constructed of concrete, steel or timber and, when installed vertically into soft or known poor ground, provides structural support to foundations, slabs etc.

The piles are driven or augured to whatever depth is necessary to reach suitable bearing strata – dense clays, gravel beds or rock. Pile depths can vary greatly between three metres and thirty metres, subject to the local ground conditions.

By using piles for both new or existing slabs that are required to bear additional loads, such as mezzanine flooring structures, projects benefit by greater efficiency and related reduced costs when compared with many conventional options.

Piles come in a variety of forms but principally in two types,  ‘driven end bearing’ or ‘continuous flight auger’ (CFA) the latter relies on skin friction between the pile shaft and the strata through which it passes.

At Hi-Level Mezzanines our structural engineering experience gives us the expertise to make sure you get the right option for your company’s specific needs.

Find out more about Piling here.

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