One of the most rapidly growing areas within the warehousing and logistics sectors is robotics. With the ability to work autonomously all day every day with limited charging requirements and extremely flexible software, sortation robots are beginning to take Europe and the UK by storm – having already placed a strong foothold in the Asian Market.

The most common requirements of the robotics industry are as follows:

  • Multi-tier structures including ramps for simple robotic transportation
  • Clear robotic and personnel workstations
  • Robot accessible charging stations
  • Walkways
  • Strictly followed grid layouts
  • Robot specific flooring and environment requirements

At Hi-Level, we are completely aware of this increasing trend (that doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down), and we have developed solutions for projects involving robotics. In particular, we have an excellent textured tile flooring solution that is perfect for robots. This is because if indentation or wear were to occur over time (due to the reoccurring route of a robot’s programming) that tile could be simply lifted and replaced – vastly reducing potential disruptions.

We’re passionate about this area of sector growth. So much so that we held our first-ever webinar on this topic and what robots require from their spaces.

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