Why you should replace your resin floor with interlocking PVC tiles

Looking to refurbish your ground floor slab or mezzanine floor surface for an industrial fit out? To gauge the interest we had at IntraLogisteX recently, many companies are doing just that.

A popular choice are our interlocking PVC floor tiles. As well as being robot-ready for mezzanines, they are also an excellent option for refurbishing your mezzanine deck or ground floor slab.

With a 10-year wearability warranty, they are an outstanding replacement for both epoxy resin and phenolic (laminate) decking panels, which can be too brittle for sustained durability.

Hi-Level Mezzanines’ robust interlocking 7mm textured PVC floor tiles bring multiple advantages to companies refurbishing and refitting warehouses, storage, factories, fulfilment centres and logistics bases.

Advantages of interlocking PVC floor tiles for industrial use

  • Cost-effective
  • Exceptionally hard wearing
  • Reduce indentations from regular moving loads
  • Excellent durability and slip resistance
  • Easy to move and reuse
  • Any damaged tiles can be replaced without disrupting the rest of the floor
  • Moisture resistance makes the floor easy to clean and maintain
  • Reduces dust and noise below
  • 100% recyclable PVC – better for the environment.

Why replace epoxy resin floor panels with interlocking PVC?

So what makes them such a good alternative to epoxy resin flooring? Unlike epoxy resin which can become damaged in the six weeks it can take to cure, our interlocking PVC floor tiles are quick and easy to install. Normal operations can resume – with trucks, pallets or robots – immediately.

Whereas moisture trapped beneath epoxy resin floors can lead to cracking and blistering, this is never a problem with our interlocking PVC floor tiles.

Minimal subfloor preparation is required, and we can even install them over uneven or damp slabs. We offer an end-to-end fitting service, even if you are not installing them on a mezzanine.

Replacing worn phenolic

As well as having an anti-slip surface, our high-end floor tiles come in 11 colours. Unlike the uniform grey of phenolic flooring, you can use a contrasting colour to highlight particular areas of the floor, perhaps for walkways or storage areas, and for health & safety reasons.

What’s more, the joining mechanism of the interlocking system is virtually invisible to the eye, and a straight access edge is added to finish off the floor neatly.

There is another benefit to choosing Hi-Level Mezzanines. Mezzanine or ground floor, all our floors are installed bespoke to the requirements of each customer.

Before, showing a epoxy resin flooring and after with our interlocking PVC floor tiles.

Hi-Level Mezzanines provides mezzanine floors of the highest quality in the industry, yet remaining competitively priced thanks to the expertise of our team of qualified structural engineers, innovative digital design process and advanced solutions.

For 30 years we have been creating space for amazing things to happen. Contact us today for more information at sales@hi-level.co.uk or call 01730 237 190.

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