iQD Pro Quoting System 

3rd August 2017: Learn more about the full quoting system available to our customers. More Information


How Mezzanine Floors Can Enhance Warehousing Space

5th July 2017: How our floors help businesses across the warehousing sector. More Information


CE Marking Audit – We Passed!

28th June 2017: Congratulations to all involved. More Information


5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Mezzanine Floor 

7th June 2017: We discuss several elements that need to be considered before submitting a quote request. More Information


Maximising Office Space With A Mezzanine Floor  

22nd May 2017: How a mezzanine floor can help transform any office space. More Information 


How Mezzanine Floors Are Helping Retailers Adapt To E-Commerce

18th April 2017: Growing an online business with the help of a mezzanine floor. More Information


Treating Employees With Care – Health And Safety

3rd April 2017: The importance of health and safety in construction. More Information


4 Strategies To Increase Your Production Capacity

13th March 2017: Simple tips to meet customer demand and ease stress. More Information


Redesigning Car Showrooms To Increase Sales

1st March 2017: How we help businesses across the automotive industry. More Information


How A Mezzanine Floor Can Help You Expand Without Losing Customers

13th February 2017: Expanding your business with a mezzanine floor. More Information


Why Should You Use A Pallet Gate To Safely Access A Mezzanine Floor?

1st February 2017: The importance of pallet gates. More Information.


How Mezzanine Floors Can Benefit Restaurants and Bars

17th January 2017: How our floors can help within the food and drinks industry. More Information


3 Reasons Why Businesses Turn To Mezzanine Flooring

11th January 2017: Why do businesses choose Mezzanine Floors, and what solutions do they provide? More information.


iQD The App – Interview With The Developer

28th November 2016: Read the interview with our lead developer working on iQD. More Information


iQD The App – A First Look

15th November 2016: Take a look at the latest images for iQD. More Information


Why We Built iQD The App

9th November 2016: Our quoting app launches later this month. More Information


Value Engineering Is Our Passion

3rd November 2016: Could a mezzanine floor help you? More Information


Office Shutdown Dates For Christmas 2016

1st November 2016: Annual office closure dates. More Information


UK Steel Price Increase – October 2016

24th October 2016: British Steel announce price increase of steel. More Information


Hi-Level Bakes Up A Storm In Aid Of Macmillan Cancer Support!

5th October 2016: Cake always brightens up the day. More Information


Hi-Levels Success At IMHX 2016

21st September 2016: Check out how we got on at the UK’s largest logistics event. More Information


Introducing iQD

15th September 2016: Information on our brand new quoting app! More Information


Come Say Hello At IMHX 2016!

22nd August 2016: We will be attending this years show at the NEC in Birmingham! More Information


Hi-Level In Top 20 Of Solent SME 100

14th July 2016: We feature in the list as number 20 amongst many other businesses across the Solent Region. More Information


25 years of Hi Level Mezzanine Floors

6th April 2016: Our timeline shows the key moments in the first 25 years of Hi Level Mezzanine Floors! More Information


Accidents in warehouses & how to prevent them

8th October 2015: Warehouses can be busy environments and often when demand is high it can be all too easy to let safety standards slip. However, accidents can have devastating consequences for businesses and the importance of a safe working environment should never be underestimated. More Information


Handrails for mezzanine flooring: a product guide

7th September 2015: It’s important that appropriate safety precautions are put in place prior to installation of a new mezzanine floor in order to protect those individuals using it. This article looks at handrails for mezzanine flooring. More Information


Using partitions to improve your office

3rd August 2015: This article looks at some of the inefficiencies and problems that could be caused as a result of an office not catering to the exacting needs of a business, and how office partitions might offer up potential solutions to these common business problems. More Information


How to use office space more effectively

14th July 2015: An often overlooked consideration is the layout and functionality of an office space. While every office space needs to meet its own specific requirements, this guide should provide some useful tips to help you ensure that your office can perform at its optimum capacity. More Information


Simple office changes that can create a happier workforce

9th June 2015: Companies are becoming increasingly more aware that the health and happiness of their employees is a significant factor in business productivity, and many companies are now starting to invest in their working environments in order to improve their employees’ temperament. This article looks at some of the ways that you can go about this. More Information


How an office refurbishment can drastically change your business

18th May 2015: When money is tight, refurbishing your office can seem like an unnecessary cost. However, the difference that an improved office space can make to the morale of your staff and the impression that it leaves on clients and customers can not be underestimated. In this blog we will look at how you can go about improving your office space and what impact it can have. More Information


Injuries in warehouses and how to prevent them

24th April 2016: In this blog post we will look at some of the most common forms of warehouse injuries and how they can be prevented with good health and safety practices as well as other preventative measures. More Information


How Does Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) affect me?

16th March 2015: If you are an employer, are self-employed or provide equipment for others to use at work then the rules and regulations covered in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) will relate to you. In this blog we will take a look at PUWER and provide a brief overview of what you need to know about them.  More Information


What Are the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations?

23rd January 2015: In our previous blog post we looked at the Health and Safety at Work Act and how a thorough understanding of regulations can help businesses to protect their employees. However, there is more to Health and Safety provisions than just understanding the rules. You also need to know how to put them into practice – which is where the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations come into play More information


Health and Safety at Work Act – What You Need to Know

22th December 2014: Warehouses and storage spaces can be dangerous places without proper Health and Safety protocol. In these kinds of environments trips, slips and manual handling injuries are most common and can leave businesses short on staff and out of pocket. Understanding Health and Safety standards can play a key role in helping to protect employees, but what exactly should business owners know? More information


2014 Christmas Opening Hours

18th December 2014 : The Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd office will be closed from 12pm Tuesday 23rd December until 8:30am Monday 5th January More information


Hi-Level Mezzanines Land 3 Industry Accreditations

04th December 2014: Hi-Level Mezzanines have been awarded 3 industry accreditations to add to their growing list of professional certifications. ISO 9001:2008 for quality, ISO 14001:2004 for environmental, and OHSAS 18001:2004 for occupational health and safety More information


Installing a Mezzanine Floor with Minimum Fuss

10th November 2014: For a busy distribution centre or manufacturing plant the idea of pausing business operations to move to new premises can be a daunting one. However, rather than moving into a new space it can make much more sense, both financially and commercially, to stay where you are. More information


What is QD4 Pro?

24th October 2014: QD4 Pro is a floor production management system unique to Hi-Level Mezzanine Floors Whereas some companies may quote their clients a low price based on the lowest quality materials and specifications that they can get away with, our production management system helps to cut costs in other ways. QD4 Pro helps to create a streamlined and competitive quote based on a client’s particular needs and requirements by finding the most efficient and effective way to create their mezzanine floor. More information


Fire Protection

08th October 2014: Mezzanine floors can be put to use in a variety of different businesses but whether it’s a large warehouse, a manufacturing plant or a retail environment – fire safety must always be at the forefront of planning. Fire damage can completely devastate a business – which is why it is important to put strict controls in place so that damage can be kept to a minimum. This article will look at some of the ways in which “fire rating” can help to reduce damage should disaster strike. More information


Why a Mezzanine Floor?

18th September 2014: You may be frequently faced with the question, ‘how can I sell more mezzanines?’ and, whilst many people are still asking ‘Why should I choose a mezzanine?’  you need to know the key facts on why a mezzanine floor is right for so many companies More information


Using Mezzanine Flooring For Office Space 

12 September 2014: Mezzanine flooring can make a significant impact on your business and it can be a great solution if you are looking to create office space in your existing premises More information


Mezzanine Flooring must now display CE Marking 

11th September 2014: As from the 1st July 2014, anyone supplying non-CE marked fabricated structural steelwork to a site is breaking the law. This includes mezzanine flooring. More information


How Mezzanine Floors Can Help Production and Manufacturing Companies

04th Sept 2014: Production and manufacturing companies have certainly been through some tough times in the last few years. But recent months have started to see much better growth figures, More information


Become a Sub-Contract Site Installation Team for Hi-Level Mezzanines

22 Jul 2014: Due to planned and continued expansion Hi-Level™ Mezzanines is looking for additional site installation teams More information


Hi-Level Mezzanines Awarded Tesco Contract 

03rd Jul 2014: Tesco’s has awarded Hi-Level Mezzanines a contract to provide a mezzanine floor for its national distribution centre in Crick. More information


Using Mezzanine Floors for Warehousing and Distribution 

03rd June 2014: Mezzanine floors are incredibly popular in retail stores these days. Most stores that you have been to in recent years will probably have had a mezzanine floor installed.  But why? More information


Using Mezzanine Floors In Retail 

01st May 2014: Mezzanine floors are incredibly popular in retail stores these days. Most stores that you have been to in recent years will probably have had a mezzanine floor installed.  But why? More information


Hi-Level to exhibit at Logistics Link South

16th January 2014: Hi-Level Mezzanines will be exhibiting at the Logistics Link South (stand 2) at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, UK on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th February 2014 More information


Christmas Opening Hours

09th December 2013 : The Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd office will be closed from 12pm Monday 23rd December until 8:30am Friday 3rd January More information


Hi-Level Mezzanines joins the social and digital media phenomenon

12th July 2013: Hi-Level Mezzanines joins the social and digital media phenomenon of Twitter, Facebook And LinkedIn – as well as launching their very own eBroadcasts. More information


Hi-Level Mezzanines to exhibit at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX)

2nd Jan 2013: Hi-Level Mezzanines will be exhibiting at the International Materials Handling Exhibition, or IMHX for short. Come and visit us on stand number 18M186.  More information.