Hi-Level 2020 rewind

2020 has been a challenging year worldwide, however, throughout the uncertainty, Hi-level was determined to remain as similar to ‘business as usual’ as possible and continue to raise the standards and deliver industry-leading spacing solutions to its partners.

Despite the hurdles, there have been turnkey additions and fantastic developments within the company that will, both directly and indirectly, benefit customer experience. This piece reflects on these and allows you to catch up on anything you may have missed.

A new face within our management team

Hi-Level were delighted to make the appointment of Angus Whiteman as our new Managing Director. With his joining, there has been a fresh series of ideas of which some have already been implemented. These, alongside other exciting developments already in progress, will see us continue to grow sustainably over the coming months and years.

“The Hi-Level team have made me feel very welcome and I was very impressed with the experience the company can boast. During my short time here so far, the main learning I have discovered is that our processes are efficient and the product our customers receive is of great value and always built to the highest engineering standards.

I see substantial growth here and I am excited for what the future holds on both a personal and company level.”

Angus Whiteman
Hi-Level Managing Director

Follow this link to learn more about Angus.

Discover which floor is best for you with our new flooring type table

From OSB decking to composite concrete, there is a suitable flooring solution for any type of business. Our new flooring type table clearly compares all options so you know which one could be most appropriate for your premises and business operations. It is also a fantastic referencing tool when you receive a quote from us and want to learn more about the proposed flooring option our in-house design team have used as part of the quote.

  • This tool compares floors flooring options by the following:
  • Loading Capabilities
  • If it is anti-slip
  • Can it reduce deflection levels?
  • Is it susceptible to wear over time?
  • Its resistance to moisture
  • Is it waterproof?
  • Can it improve premises acoustics?
  • Does it have colour options?

Want to learn more about our flooring options with our recently create tool? Click here.

A streamlined customer experience thanks to iQD Portals

We were very proud to release the innovative iQD Portal systems to both our clients and suppliers this year. This multi-faceted system has established a centralised and personalised hub for every client or supplier from which they can access all project relevant documents and communicate with project managers directly from the platform(s).

For reference, the video beneath is a prime example of how clear and straightforward the new client experience can be.

Discover more about our new platforms.

Hi-Level, one of the newest members of the UKWA

We’ve also joined the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) in 2020. This International Association has over 700+ member within the logistics and warehousing sectors. Becoming a member of this group was a primary target of ours when the year began, and we look forward to the future networking opportunities this will provide us.

From this, we will look to create new working relationships that will both benefit the industry as a whole and enhance our ability to provide an industry-leading service and resulting spacing solution.

Find out more about Hi-Level joining the UKWA

If you have questions on any of the items discussed in the article, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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