Robots, museums and Covid vaccine – a mezzanine for every use

Installing a mezzanine allows a business to double its floor space without doubling the rent it would pay by taking on an additional building. At a time when less than 5% of warehousing space in the UK is available, relentless demand makes mezzanines a cost-effective answer.

Whether a company needs extra space for storage, production in a manufacturing facility, expanded offices or warehouse integration (Amazon’s sortation centres), there is a mezzanine and specific type of flooring to suit.

Hi-Level Mezzanines brings real value to our clients because we have a team of qualified structural engineers and 30 years of expertise. We have installed mezzanines in airports, museums, schools and mosques; for warehousing, logistics and distribution; and in sectors ranging across automotive, retail, grocery, medical and the creative industries.

Types of decking include particleboard, textured floor tiles, composite concrete and metal.

Here are just three examples of how Hi-Level Mezzanines stands out:

  1. Robot-ready innovation

For a large UK retailer we have designed pioneering robot-ready flooring. As robots are heavier than humans, robot-ready mezzanine flooring needs to meet more stringent criteria. We consider the slope of the floor, steps, gaps and weight loading, as robot operations are 24/7 with intense pressure on the flooring all the time.

And we take this very seriously. To create our flooring we surveyed products already on the market, judged them too expensive, researched alternatives and discovered a type of floor tiling that we have repurposed. We have carried out rigorous testing in China with a global robot provider and are now sole resellers in the UK of this product for use with robots.

Our robot-ready flooring is ideal for robots carrying one package or a whole rack, and in the unlikely event that the robots on repeat tracks wear down the flooring, the tiles can be easily replaced.

Because engineering is the backbone of our business we were able to innovate to solve a challenge, test our new product and acquire the sole licence.

  1. National Museum in Dublin

For the National Museum in Dublin we are installing metal decking for a very special reason. The decking cannot be wood in case woodworm contaminates the picture frames of the museum’s artworks, causing irreparable damage. We have therefore chosen metal Durbar Plate.

Each site is unique and from our range of solutions we advise clients on what we recommend will work best.

  1. COVID challenge

Another example of our specialist knowledge providing the precise solution to suit the occasion is how we have installed mezzanines in freezers. For this purpose the steel for supporting columns must be tested to ensure it is not brittle and the finish must be galvanised not painted to protect it against rust and to withstand cold.

During the COVID pandemic we faced a new challenge in installing a mezzanine above freezers storing Pfizer vaccine.

This contract for a medical company presented substantial difficulties because the freezers storing the vaccine at –70C could evidently not be moved during the installation. Hi-Level Mezzanines rose to the situation to design and construct a platform over the top of them. Because this is a medical facility we could not use wood, which we replaced with plastic. Decking had to be metal for the same reason.

Building a mezzanine above vaccine freezers in a constricted space required our proven engineering capabilities and decades of experience.

Hi-Level Mezzanines provides mezzanine floors of the highest quality in the industry, yet remaining competitively priced thanks to the expertise of our team of qualified structural engineers, innovative digital design process and advanced solutions.

For 30 years we have been creating space for amazing things to happen.

For more information on how to optimise your space with a mezzanine solution, please contact us at or call 01730 237 190.

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