Concrete Composite Decked Mezzanine for Jaguar Land Rover with Martins Fixings


The Challenge

Hi-Level worked with Martins Fixings to provide a mezzanine floor installation for Jaguar Land Rover as they expanded their pre-production line in Coventry.

A bespoke design was required to provide a mezzanine over a single level that was future proofed to produce additional storage for the parts department. It was particularly important to provide clear areas on the ground floor so that production equipment could be incorporated and positioned where required.

Hi-Level’s creative approach and previous success in providing mezzanine floors to fulfil highly specific requirements were the leading factors for undertaking such a project.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • Decking to take very high point loads across the entire area
  • Clear areas to the ground floor for maximum flexibility
  • Positioned on the existing low capacity floor slab

The Solution and Result

Polished concrete composite decking was incorporated into a wide span steelwork structure. This highly durable product is extremely strong and robust, incorporating a concrete topping cast onto metal decking. Additional qualities such as water resistance, soundproof and fire protection made it perfectly suited for the project. The decking created a multipurpose mezzanine area that could confidently cope with the high point loads of their various equipment. The wide-span structure beneath created a workspace comparatively free from vertical obstructions giving maximum flexibility to JLR for further storage below.

The wide spans resulted in markedly fewer ground floor columns than typical which in turn generated higher than usual column loads for the existing slab to cope with. Hi-Level’s solution was to design and supply pile foundations beneath the column baseplates creating a seamless integration into the existing slab. JLR were able to maintain their productivity levels and use the building throughout the project.

Hi-Level installers worked as part of an overall team in a fully programmed project involving many other trades to deliver the final product on time and fully fitted for immediate occupation by JLR. The works were integrated into a closely controlled working schedule within a fully functioning building which necessitated Hi-Level working out of hours and providing an accelerated build with no disruption to JLR’s day-to-day activities.

Adrian Williams, Hi-Level Project Manager Comments:

“This was a project where Hi-Level’s expert engineers produced a design that was greatly beneficial to JLR’s productivity and overall logistical performance. We ensured that we met all the specific requirements Jaguar Land Rover had set out with minimal disruption to their operations. Both Hi-Level and our client were delighted with the finished product”

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