Day in the Life of Craig Freeman

Craig is Hi-Level’s surveyor. He is a new recruit who joined the company in September 2021, but he has more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. Craig’s previous job was as project design manager for an acoustics products company, a sector he joined when he was 16. Craig studied engineering design at college including AutoCAD, but it is his decades of on-site experience that are priceless. He moved to Hi-Level for a new challenge, and is excited to be working in such a booming sector as mezzanines.

When a mezzanine installation has a contract value of £1 million, there is no scope for error. That’s where Craig’s work is pivotal.

While he has no such thing as a typical day, there are some fundamentals to his job. He will be on site within a week of Hi-Level receiving an order, and is usually the first member of the Hi-Level team onto every project, and the last off after his final site survey.

As our dedicated surveyor he carries out 3D surveys with a laser scanner mounted on a tripod. He checks the site for access for materials and for the mezzanine build, making sure that the AutoCAD outline provided during our quotation stage matches reality on the ground. He will identify any clashes (if a client has changed their layout or if original plans would block a doorway, for example). His survey report will be the basis of the drawings compiled by our design team to design and install a mezzanine that meets every client’s needs. Craig also carries out quality assurance checks on a regular basis.

His work takes him to a wide sweep of locations throughout the UK, from Dunfermline to Plymouth, the Isle of Man and Anglesey to Norwich. He covers a lot of miles! Recent projects have ranged from a mezzanine in a crazy golf centre to the new mega JD Sports facility near Derby. Some projects require weekly site visits for a duration of four months, and building a rapport with the client and contractors is where Craig excels.

He says: “I love being on the road, seeing sites first hand and meeting customers.”

Every project is a new challenge that he takes in his stride, although there are often surprises on the way. These have included finding warehouses so heavily congested with materials that carrying out his survey has been extremely difficult, and uneven floors in old buildings that require sophisticated plotting out of column positions.

Thankfully Craig’s skills include broad knowledge, deep experience of construction and expertise derived from previous roles in project management, drawing and as a CAD technician, as well as design management. He is by nature proactive and a lateral thinker, working with our customers to come up with solutions that are practical for their requirements and for us to implement.

Craig is such an enthusiastic team and always posting his latest news on social media, so look out for him there!

Hi-Level Mezzanines provides mezzanine floors of the highest quality in the industry, yet remaining competitively priced thanks to the expertise of our team of qualified structural engineers, innovative digital design process and advanced solutions.

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