Day in the Life of Glenn O’Reilly

Glenn is Hi-Level’s Senior Structural Engineer and Project Manager, looking after 130 jobs a year – with around 30 active every day. He qualified with an honours Degree from Trinity College Dublin as an engineer then worked on a number of building sites and one design office before joining us in 1996. He was based at our Petersfield headquarters for eight years then in November 2003 moved back to Ireland to work closely with our Irish and Scottish customers. The immense structural engineering expertise that Glenn brings to Hi-Level after 26 years with the company underpins everything we do and plays a central role in our reputation for quality and innovation.

When a project is complex, unusual and needs the best brain in the business, it’s a job for Glenn.

He’s involved from the tender stage right through to delivery, particularly with the sophisticated engineering challenges presented by projects such as multi-level tiers and involving multi-directional steelwork.

He engages with our sales team on the more complex initial enquiries, then onto the next stage of preliminary design and the calculation package, all the way through to final sign-off. He is responsible for making sure that the outputs from our IQD design software match client specifications and checks with the team at every step that all is on track.

He advises clients on loading specifications for their proposed mezzanine structure, the implication of moving loads and the dynamic forces involved in a project. He has the ability to calculate racking system point loads which need to be built into designs, and advises on our robot-ready floor tiling and decking options for automated facilities.

Future-proof mezzanines

It’s about getting everything right today … and helping clients future-proof their mezzanines to be flexible as their business expands and grows.

Glenn is nothing if not flexible himself.

He has worked with clients in sectors from silverware to vintage cars, luxury chocolates to sports retail, tyre centres to department stores, aviation to 3PLs … and has recently been involved in a large tender & design process for an artisan whiskey distillery.

In fact, he works on an average of 130 new projects a year – so over his time at Hi-Level that’s around 3,380 and counting! 

He has especially enjoyed working on two multi-million-pound, projects which are underway at a site in Derby: One project is a large auto-store structure involving the design for dynamic robot movement on the floor, the other is a super three-tier structure with high loading.

Favourite projects

“My favourite projects are when there’s something different where I can really use my expertise, examine all the details and see where we can provide cost-effective solutions to save the client money and time. Such as examining the client’s specific loading requirements, and tailoring our design and structural layout to suit the project needs,” Glenn says.

He adds: “Whereas most competitors just use more steel to solve every problem, we have always been cost effective and put our clients first. We are also minimising the use of steel as the price has rocketed, being ever vigilant and on top of our game. We analyse every case to define the need.”

What makes Hi-Level better than competitors?

Glenn says it is attention to detail, focus on the client and our deep-seated expertise, whether it be in engineering or other skills. In all, it makes for a comprehensive service that gives clients the best cost-effective solutions to their problems –  followed through from start to finish.

Forward thinking

He is a resolute believer in continued professional development and self-improvement. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, qualified as a Chartered Engineer in 2009, and is a member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland ( IEI ) . This year he completed a professional diploma in Project Management from University College Dublin.

Glenn loves the fact that every day is different, and that on every project he is learning new ways to improve. It’s all in line with the Hi-Level ethos of always progressing the ways we work, whether it be new ideas in cost analysis or with new design programmes.

Always being forward thinking means Glenn has a sharp eye for key trends ahead: “It’s exciting that Hi-Level is using its technical expertise, rigour and engineering credentials to apply design principles to new markets and developments in multiple industries.”

And he’s looking forward to getting back to more site visits and meeting more clients post-Covid … so you could be seeing him soon!

Hi-Level Mezzanines provides mezzanine floors of the highest quality in the industry, yet remaining competitively priced thanks to the expertise of our team of qualified structural engineers, innovative digital design process and advanced solutions.

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