Have a very mezzanine Christmas!

When you think of mezzanines the first word that pops into your head probably isn’t Christmas.

But this is the time of year when many of our clients are at their busiest, and you may be surprised to know just what a part we will be playing in the nation’s festive celebrations.

In fact, we don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that, in our own way, the team at Hi-Level Mezzanines are as seasonal as Santa’s elves!

Getting orders out to customers

Here are seven ways that the work we do touches the lives of families across Britain. From Christmas dinner to a party outfit to the presents we give, our structures help make it all possible! 

How? Because mezzanine floors designed and installed by Hi-Level are stacked with goods in warehouses around the country from Aberdeen to Pembroke Docks to Truro and in between, providing our clients with the extra space they need to run their operations efficiently and get orders out to their customers.

  1. Online shopping from gifts for Auntie Jo to a turkey thermometer to Christmas tree lights? For our client Amazon we have installed 22  various-sized mezzanine platforms carrying  automation equipment at one site alone.
  2. When it comes to children’s presents bought from toy superstores, we have installed multiple mezzanines for Smyths Toys across the UK and Ireland. 
  3. Festive food from Tesco or Ocado may have been stored on a mezzanine designed and installed by Hi-Level.
  4. If you’ve bought your Christmas jumpers or a party outfit from Next, Primark or ASOS, it could have come via a warehouse using our mezzanines.
  5. If the classic Coca-Cola Christmas truck advert inspires you to buy a few bottles, they may reach you from the Coca-Cola bottling plant in London, where our mezzanines support conveyors carrying one-tonne pallets.
  6. When unexpected visitors mean you need to order a fold-up guest bed from IKEA, well, the iconic Swedish furniture firm are delighted users of Hi-Level’s mezzanines.
  7. And if you’ll be watching the King’s Christmas broadcast on the BBC, you won’t be surprised to learn by now that we also count the Corporation among our clients!

Relieving the pressure

Much of our work supports online retailers, and this sector is likely to account for 55% of Christmas spending, according to PWC’s Festive Predictions 2022.

During this crucial period our clients’ warehouses are at their most active, and having a mezzanine to create space really does relieve the pressure.

Of course, many people will be spending less for a cost-of-living Christmas in the face of record inflation and eye-watering fuel bills – and this year will see an average outlay of £393 per person, down £33 on last year, PWC estimates.

Spirit of Christmas

But Christmas is, and always has been, about far more than what we buy. It’s about spending time with family and friends, looking out for vulnerable neighbours, giving to charity and counting our blessings.

That’s the abiding spirit of Christmas, mezzanines or not!

Contact us today for more information at sales@hi-level.co.uk or call 01730 237 190.

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