Design And Production Of A 1400m² Floor For Export To Mauritania


The Brief

As part of a major warehouse equipment project, which one of Hi-Levels customers were installing for an international client in Africa, Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd were required to design and supply a large two tier mezzanine floor.

The Criteria

The Client required a two tier 1400sqm mezzanine, staircases, handrail, pallet gates and landing access areas. The column grid design was very unusual so that it suited the client’s predetermined shelving layout. Planning and preparation work was involved to get the materials recorded & documented for export to Africa.

The Solution

For this complex job Hi-Level designed a 9.5kN/m2 heavy duty loading floor with joist centres at 400mm.

The Design also included 6m high continuous columns to make installation easier and avoid baseplates on intermediate levels. Extensive parts list and documentation was essential to allow smooth export to Africa.

The Result

The mezzanine floor was completed in February 2014 The project was completed on time and within budget. Hi-Level Mezzanines Project Manager said ‘This was a complex project with a tight deadline and for a client who expects the highest standards. We worked hand in hand with our distributors project team to ensure that this multi-tier structure was delivered on schedule and within budget. We received a glowing commendation from our client, and are currently working with them on their next export project.’

Managing Director of Hi-Level’s distributor commented “You can see from the photos that the structure looks excellent and the customer is very pleased. Well done, your difficult design & manufacture issues have been very successful”

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