Hi-Level Become the Latest Affiliate Member of the UKWA

We are excited to announce that Hi-Level has recently become the most recent affiliate member of the United Kingdom Warehouse Association (UKWA).

Who are the UKWA?

The UKWA is Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector. Since their founding in 1944, they have gained over 700+ members predominantly within warehousing and logistics, but also manufacturing, retail and wholesale.

With regular news and several advisory boards filled with experts in their selected fields, all members within this association regularly receive accurate information on the current trends within each of the aforementioned industries.

Why did Hi-Level join the UKWA?

There were several reasons why we needed to join:

  • First and foremost, it was the opportunity to form and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationships with as many members as possible. At Hi-Level, our passion is to provide the most optimised spacing solutions for companies that want to maximise their unused overhead space. Becoming a member of the UKWA provides us with a fantastic platform to raise awareness of what we do, and how in particular our industry-leading service and product can benefit the other members of the UKWA.
  • We loved the idea of sharing information so that numerous industries can benefit. Not only do we want to learn from the other members, but we also want to share our experiences. In turn, creating a widely improved market with safe and reliable products across the board.
  • Receiving accurate information from the UKWA was another huge benefit. The better we understand specific industry trends, the better we can provide bespoke mezzanines and fit-out solutions.

How will this benefit you?

Hi-Level is always looking to raise the standard. With this membership, we are committed to bringing high quality solutions to companies based in the UK and Europe. Any lessons and experiences we gain from this association will directly benefit future activities within our businesses – including any future projects you work with us on.

As always, we thoroughly enjoy providing turnkey spacing solutions that can greatly improve your business and, with this new development, the systems we provide can improve further.

Learn more about the UKWA

If you would like to learn more about the UKWA, please click here.

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