How Much Does a Mezzanine Floor Cost?

Mezzanine Floor Costs Explained

Each of Hi-Level’s designs is bespoke, meaning we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to mezzanine floor cost. Instead, we take your exact specifications including load requirement, usage and the type of premises to determine which type of floor and materials will work best.

However, you can use our Mezzanine Floor Calculator to generate an instant free online quote. With just a few simple details, this tool allows you to get a budget figure for a Mezzanine Floor.

Cost of Relocating vs Mezzanine Floor

mezzanine floor cost

Mezzanine floors are great value for money, proving to be incredibly cheaper than moving premises. Relocating your business and operations can be complex and challenging. Not only is there the risk of disrupting productivity and falling behind customer demands, but the process can also be extremely costly. 60% of warehouses are now occupied by retailers as the demand for storage space has become competitive (Via BBC). Due to this, prices of renting out spaces have soared, leaving many companies to consider alternative options and how they can make the most out of their existing premises.

Mezzanine floors have been a staple for companies across a wide range of sectors due to their ability to re-configure existing space without the increased costs of paying for additional floor space. Many industrial and commercial buildings have unused vertical space which can be turned into a productive work area and boost work performance.

Value For Money

Hi-Level aims to provide a cost-effective solution that delivers not only a quality product but also a quality service. We have developed the software platform iQD Pro, which makes our designs highly accurate and competitively priced. We are genuinely passionate about what we do and have a dedicated team for the design, manufacturing and installation process.

Full turnkey solution including:

  • Consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Ground Investigations
  • Design by Structural Engineers
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • Projects Managers
  • RAMS
  • Installation
  • CE declaration of performance

Value Engineering

We have a team of expert, Structural Engineers who deliver high-quality, value-engineered solutions for a wide range of sectors including warehousing, production and automation. For each of our projects, we appoint a Project Manager who conducts a detailed survey and analysis of your building site to determine how best the mezzanine can be incorporated into the existing structure. In addition, we always aim to optimise the amount of structural steel used on our floors. Not only does this keep costs to a minimum for our customers, but it also reduces our environmental impact.

Peace of Mind

At Hi-Level, all our mezzanine floors are designed to meet the general requirements of BRE Digest 437 and relevant British Standards.  We have a Quality Policy achieved through the implantation of the Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management System which follows ISO standards. It provides the framework for attaining and maintaining compliance, measuring performance, and achieving customer satisfaction. In addition, we have been granted CE certification.

Health and Safety
Hi-Level is committed to keeping people safe whilst working at height and has put robust processes in place to ensure the safety of both its installation teams and other contractors. Not only do our mezzanine floors need to be designed to be fit for purpose based on the required loads, but they also need to be installed safely on-site.

About Hi-Level

Hi-Level has over 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke mezzanine floors. We specialise in commercial and industrial premises throughout the UK and Europe. Our team of experts are passionate about what they do and throughout the project, you are appointed an experienced Project Manager who will ensure all operations run smoothly. The Project Manager will assist with any possible contingencies, keeping you in the loop to guarantee a successful project. We have a team who are committed to delivering the highest quality product and service.

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