Pallet Gates – A Great Solution for Any Industrial Warehouse

Why are Pallet Gates Installed?

Moving supplies is one of the most integral factors of warehousing. Pallet gates are often implemented within these settings to make this process faster, safer and more convenient.

Implemented within most industrial warehouse premises involving a mezzanine floor, pallet gates are used to move stock from or to a raised height. They act as a safe access solution and enable the loading and unloading of pallets and other large products that could not be carried via stairs or by any other form of manual lifting. When not in use, they complete the structural barrier preventing items or personnel from falling from height and greatly reducing the risk of damage or injury.

What are the Key Features of a Pallet Gate?

Made of steel, these robust structures are lightweight which makes them straightforward to install on-site and almost effortless to use upon construction.

Flexible to Your Produce
With options of either being lifted vertically or opened horizontally, there is a pallet gate solution for most sized produce.

With the gate’s structure encouraging people further back from the railing, it creates a clear barrier between the user and the edge of the floor.

How will the Inclusion of a Pallet Gate Benefit My Industrial Facility

Stage 1 – Planning Your Floor (If Implemented as Part of a Further Fit-Out)

  • Pallet gates can fit seamlessly across any point at the edge of your floor. Making them easy to plan around.
  • The limited amount of space they require means they appropriately compliment most workspaces.
  • This option is considerably cheaper than the closest alternative – a goods lift.

Stage 2 – Installing Your Pallet Gate

  • As previously mentioned, due to the lightweight nature of this product, the on-site installation is fast, straightforward and safe.

Stage 3 – Using Your Pallet Gate

  • With great durability, these products are built to last.
  • After the initial installation of the pallet gate has been completed, there isn’t any further maintenance required (as long as it is treated with care when in use).
  • The simplistic and lightweight design means using this piece of equipment is easy and time-efficient.

Hi-Level’s Advice on How to Optimise You Pallet Gate

Keep Clear
Keeping the surrounding area around the pallet gate clear ensures quick access and reduces the risk of injury.

Arrange Your Stock
Having your heavier items located closer to the pallet gate will make the transport of those items quicker.

Are Multiple Pallet Gates Required
If working in a large and busy warehouse, perhaps having designated pallet gates for raising and lowering items would streamline the transport process.

Signal Pallet Gate Areas
If you clearly signpost areas for workers/visitors to stand during the operation of a pallet gate, it will ensure they do not obstruct the path of the moving items. Therefore, significantly reducing the risk of injury or damaging the stock and/or structure.

What Hi-Level Offer

As part of an industry-leading ancillary range, Hi-Level can provide robust and aesthetically pleasing pallet gate solutions as part of a mezzanine installation. With our numerous colour options and powder-coated finish as standard, we are sure to create a durable and on-brand pallet gate that will seamlessly fit with the rest of your warehouse.

If you would like to learn more about our pallet gates and how we can install them alongside the installation of a new, custom-made mezzanine floor, please contact us.

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