Particle Board Decking: Durable and Economical Flooring Solutions

When it comes to decking for your mezzanine, 38mm particle board is one of the most versatile flooring options.

This high-density flooring is popular in warehousing, retail and industry, for storage and for office space.

Cost effective and applicable in most premises, it is the industry’s go-to standard for mezzanine decking and used in 90% of our projects.

Made of fine timber particles bonded together with resin, our 38mm particle board solution is a secure material capable of holding high point loads. 

With a tongue and groove design across its perimeter it provides a smooth, perfectly fused finish.

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Features & Benefits
  • Medium to high point load
  • Optional moisture resistant feature
  • Optional class 0 spread of flame to the underside
  • Optional non-slip surface
  • Cost effective
Suitable For
  • Warehousing
  • Industrial Floors
  • Storage
  • Retail
  • Office

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