Hi-Level Renew and Attain New ISO Accreditation for 2021

Renewing the accreditations we currently hold

Hi-Level recently went through the process of renewing its SSIP, ISO health and safety, quality and environmental certifications. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 guidelines remained very similar, and the ISO auditor required up-to-date proof that we remained aligned with their guidelines. Of course, we were able to provide this and successfully renewed our certification for these two categories.

A new certification – ISO 45001

However, the previously used OHSAS 18001 accreditation has been revamped and rebranded to ISO 45001. This new accreditation has adopted a similar structure to most other ISO standards and will encourage a higher level of involvement throughout the business – not just within particular departments.

How does this differ from OHSAS 18001?

Within the previous model (OHSAS 18001), the focus was to control hazards whereas ISO 45001 has altered the perspective to encourage risk-based thinking. Making our collective approach more preventive rather than reactive to certain environments. Permitting us to have a stronger emphasis on setting safety objectives and a focus on both mental and physical wellbeing for all connected to Hi-Level.

How did Hi-Level attain these certifications?

Traditionally, an ISO auditor would visit the HI-Level office in Petersfield for an in-person appraisal but, with coronavirus protocols in place, we went through a three-day virtual appraisal. During this period we covered:

  • Our general processes and procedures and the policies in place to make these safe
  • How we perform risk assessments and the results of all internal audits
  • Qualifications and proof of staff and sub-contractor training
  • All relevant insurance policies

How will this benefit you?

With the successful renewal and addition of these ISO accreditations, this authenticates our health and safety processes and confirms that we have robust and correct policies in place. Knowing we have approved methods provides peace of mind to our customers and reassures them that whenever they work with Hi-Level their experience will be safe and to the expected high standards that Hi-Level constantly strives to provide.

If you would like to learn more about our health and safety protocols, please contact us.

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