New vs Second-Hand Mezzanine Floors. Which is Best for Your Business?

So, you’ve realised that investing in a mezzanine floor is a great way to optimise your processes and make better use of the premises you are paying for. However, the decision of new vs used remains and you’re not sure which solution is best for your business moving forward.

At Hi-Level, we understand that this can be a significant investment into streamlining your business and therefore it is crucial the decision is carefully considered, and the resulting structure suits your requirements.

To help with this, we’ve created this blog to clarify the differences between each option. Both have their benefits, and different businesses (and potentially industries) will have alternate points of view on which one is more beneficial.

Potential Benefits

New Mezzanine Floors

A new mezzanine will be purpose-built for your premises. If you go through a dedicated mezzanine provider, they will quickly understand your requirements and decipher what flooring type and ancillary items are required to streamline your business’ operations.

To do this, they will first send a surveyor to your premises to create a detailed and accurate picture of the available space, so that a design team can create a mezzanine that will maximise the potential of your facility, whilst also ensuring the structure is safe, CE certified and meets all current rules and regulations.

Second-Hand Mezzanine Floors

A previously used mezzanine will most likely be the cheaper option as the resulting structure would have been purpose-built for another premises, and a common scenario is that the previous company is looking to offload the structure as they are relocating and will, therefore, perhaps, be more open to negotiation.

Also, since the structure has already been designed and manufactured, the delivery and installation of the structure will most likely be quicker.

Potential Negatives

New Mezzanine Floors

Contrary to second-hand mezzanines, new structures need to be designed and manufactured before they can be delivered and installed, most likely making this process the slower out of both options. However, experienced mezzanine providers understand this and constantly strive to improve delivery times.

The cost of investing in a new mezzanine custom-built for your business will also most likely have more cost involved. This is due to the hours specifically dedicated to designing a structure for your premises as well as the inclusion of the most modern ancillary products and safety precautions.

Second-Hand Mezzanine Floors

Like any second-hand purchase, there is an element of uncertainty regarding the previous owner’s care for the item. This could mean that your incoming mezzanine has some signs of wear and tear and there is a slight risk that parts were damaged in the deconstruction of the mezzanine; which would hinder the reconstruction of the floor within your premises.

Another aspect is that your site’s potential may still not be fully maximised as the structure being purchased was built for a different facility – It may increase your capacity, but will it fully make use of all your unused overhead space? There may still be room for improvement.

Even if your second-hand mezzanine could be reconfigured, for example adapting its height, this would come at an extra cost. In our experience, after attaching this additional spend, the cost differential between both options is considerably reduced. Meaning it may be worth buying new and receiving all components that are guaranteed to possess CE marking, which may not come with a second-hand mezzanine.

Finally, a second-hand mezzanine’s ability to be adapted may not be as flexible as buying new. Most new mezzanines are built with future-proofing in mind, which enables them to be simply altered if future requirements demand them to be used for a different purpose.

In Conclusion …

It is clear to see that both have their benefits. It will be down to each business to decide which option is best for them. The question most likely to be pivotal in the decision-making process would be – do the short term potential cost and time savings of a second-hand mezzanine outweigh the potentially longer benefits of a new, bespoke mezzanine floor purpose-built for your premises?

We hope this comparison between both mezzanine options was of use. If you would like to learn more about how Hi-Level can create a value-engineered mezzanine structure for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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