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We understand the importance of customising your mezzanine floor to suit the exact specifications of your premises. Our diverse range of flooring and ancillary options ensure we can solve your space-related challenges. We design bespoke mezzanines and can help match your corporate identity with our custom colour option.

We provide a diverse range of decking options to suit any environment from particle board to steel grating. Variables such as its purpose and required point load will determine the type of floor used. Whether you need a lightweight material or a rigid and robust composition, our decking consistently delivers.

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The Concrete Composite floor is our strongest floor option, ideal for working platforms that require heavy duty machinery or equipment. The combination of concrete and metal decking creates a highly durable solution.

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We have developed a sophisticated edge protection system for industrial premises with handrail, kick plate and mesh panel to prevent even the smallest items from falling. Our feature handrails are designed for customer-facing premises including retail stores.

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Our staircases ensure safe access and escape for your mezzanine in both industrial and commercial environments. We provide high-quality amenity stairs for production mezzanines or feature staircases to enhance any public-facing space.  Depending on your business, our engineers will recommend the most efficient design.

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Safe working environments are always our priority, which is why we offer pallet gates to assist staff when loading and unloading from the mezzanine area. Pallet gates form part of our edge protection system, remaining closed when not in use.

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We can offer column guards to protect the structural integrity of the mezzanine and reduce hazards. In busy warehouses with forklift trucks, they proved extra protection against potential knocks and act as a visual deterrent to staff.

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We will advise whether fire protection is required and to what extent based on Building Regulations. This covers suspended ceilings, staircase enclosures, fire walls and column casings.

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“Very, very impressed with the mezzanine, the quality and feel is excellent. Thank you Hi-Level and the team for your patience”.
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