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Fire Protection

Fire Protection – Mezzanine Floors & Work Places

The purpose of fire protection is to slow the spread of fire and maintain structural integrity long enough to allow safe exit by employees and entry to fire fighters should a person or persons need rescuing.

We provide fire protection for circumstances where the mezzanine is used for anything other than storage e.g. offices/public use. Our appointed specialist will advise whether fire protection is required and to what extent based on the Building Regulations. Several factors are taken into consideration to minimise risk to yourself and the mezzanine.

  • 1-hour rated
  • Enable safe exit
  • A high-density baseboard hanging vertically underneath mezzanine
  • Protection around escape stairs to provide safety areas from flame and smoke

  • Up to 1-hour fire protection
  • Fire rated board providing protection
  • Insulating partitioning
  • Complemented by a fire rated fascia (edges)

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