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38mm Particle Board

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Made of fine timber particles bonded together with resin, our 38mm particle board solution is a secure material capable of holding high point loads. In addition, it is mechanised with tongue and grooves across its perimeter providing a smooth, perfectly fused decking.

Features & Benefits

Suitable For

  • Medium to high point load
  • Warehousing
  • Optional moisture resistant feature
  • Industrial Floors
  • Optional class 0 spread of flame to the underside
  • Storage
  • Optional non-slip surface
  • Retail
  • Cost effective
  • Office

All of our floors are designed bespoke to the requirements of each customer,  please contact us directly for more information.

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What our clients say

“Great service from Hi-Level. A small but critical install in a Prison meant we had restricted installation window. Project was finished early, as no time was wasted adjusting. 5 Stars!”
BTSSales Manager

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