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Composite Concrete

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The benefits of this type of flooring system are extensive. Cast onto high-grade galvanised steel, its durability and strength makes it suitable for industrial environments with heavy duty machinery, as well as car parks, warehouses and logistics premises. The galvanised steel’s ridge cut design allows it to withstand higher loads and provide stronger structural support than other mezzanine decking options.

However, it’s not always selected for its strength alone. It can also be beneficial to commercial buildings such as food production sites where the concrete provides a hygienic, extremely easy to clean surface.

Thanks to galvanised steel’s high quality and long product life, our concrete flooring system is highly durable and has fantastic longevity, meaning you can continue to experience the benefits for many years to come.

Features & Benefits

Suitable For

  • Very high point load
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Extremely durable and strong
  • Industrial Floors
  • Fire and water resistant
  • Automation and Manufacturing
  • Reduced frequency deflection
  • Car Parks
  • Future-proof
  • Commercial Buildings

All of our floors are designed bespoke to the requirements of each customer,  please contact us directly for more information.

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What our clients say

“I am are absolutely delighted with the job, the floor is exactly what I had hoped it would be and the efficiency in managing the project has been excellent from start to finish. Hi-Level is to be commended on every level and stands as a lesson to us in how to run a successful business”.
Box LithoProject Manager

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