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Pallet Gates for Mezzanine Flooring

Pallet Gates for Safety

Designed to protect personnel at exposed opening points at the floor edge, pallet gates offer a smooth transfer of heavy goods between different floor levels. The gates are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

Mezzanine Pallet Gates


Depending on the height and loading weight of your goods, we will suggest the most applicable gate and take care of the full installation. We guarantee full compliance with quality standards and UK building regulations, ensuring that your space is entirely safe.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe way of loading or unloading pallets
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Able to take different pallet sizes
  • Cheaper and more efficient method of transporting pallets with a forklift, rather than installing a goods lift

Suitable For

  • Warehouse and logistics premises
  • Industrial floors
  • Storage facilities

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What our clients say

“Team BRIT took another major step forward by securing our own workshop, rather than paying companies to provide us with their services.  As we are growing so fast, we needed to plan for when we take on our next race car, which requires more workshop space.  This is where Hi-Level came to our rescue by offering their expertise and building the extra floor space we need.  We are totally chuffed with our new mezzanine addition to our garage! It looks amazing and has created so much extra floor space. We’re very thankful to Hi-Level who expertly installed this in a flash. Thank you very much – we have room to grow and to a bigger and better Team BRIT now!” Read about the project here
Team BRITCEO & Founder

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