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Staircases for Mezzanine Flooring

A specialist in both industrial and public-use staircases, we offer bespoke designs which are available in a wide range of colours to ensure that the mezzanine is perfectly suited to you.  We maintain consistent quality standards as all our staircases are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention. As part of our ongoing commitment to health & safety, our approved inspector advises you on all the relevant Building Regulations.
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Industrial Mezzanine Staircases

Industrial Mezzanine StaircaseOur industrial staircases are ideal for any warehouse, manufacturing or logistics premises. We design them with all the necessary functional qualities – rigid and secure structure, clear access and middle or top landings for ease of use. In addition, we comply with the Building Regulations document Part K which takes into consideration the number of persons using the mezzanine floor area and travel distances. For example, where a floor has only one access stair, it must be of the General Access type. Where a floor has more than one staircase, at least one must be of the General Access type. All other stairs can be deemed to be for escape purposes only.

Features & Benefits

  • Colour customisation – rails, posts and toe plates
  • Optional mesh panels to protect small items
  • Able to withstand high forces
  • Robust and sturdy

Suitable For

  • Warehouse and logistics premises
  • Industrial floors
  • Working platforms
  • Walkways

Feature Mezzanine Staircase

Feature Mezzanine StaircaseAn elegant addition to any commercial mezzanine floor, our feature staircase fits perfectly into environments where visual aesthetics are important. Retail floors, offices or foyers are just some of the ideal places where this staircase would be ideal. We also provide advice to ensure the staircase design meets all the necessary Building Regulations.

Features & Benefits

  • Colour customisation – rails, posts and toe plates
  • Able to withstand high forces
  • Wear resistant
  • Easy maintenance

Suitable For

  • Retail store
  • Office
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial buildings

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