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Staircases for Mezzanine Flooring

Hi-Level designs appropriate staircases for each project.  A specialist in feature staircases, we offer a wide range of colours to ensure that your new mezzanine reflects your corporate colour scheme.  All our staircases are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

We can also provide advice regarding relevant Building Regulations. For example, all new mezzanine floors are now required to have a minimum of one General Access Stair. Where a floor has only one access stair, it must be of the General Access type. Where a floor has more than staircase, at least one must be of the General Access type. All other stairs can be deemed to be for escape purposes only, and be of the Utility ‘Escape’ stair type.

Our Approved Inspector can advise you on the Building Regulations and show those instances where a simpler Type K staircase may be an acceptable alternative, or situations where a single ADS may alleviate the need for a lift.





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What our clients say

“This is the third mezzanine floor we have asked Hi Level to do, the first and second one we had other quotes and both times Hi-Level offered the best deal. Whilst price was a deciding factor, service was too. From original point of contact with Neil through to the design work with Jason, it was excellent. SO very helpful especially with someone like myself with little knowledge on mezzanines, I would highly recommend Hi-Level”.
Furniture WorldManaging Director

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