Remaining Operational During COVID-19

Coronavirus has caused considerable pressures to all businesses, no matter what industry they are within. Social distancing, isolation and suitable protective measures have affected how businesses operate and the timescales of which most businesses can deliver their product or service have become threatened.

How Hi-Level Has Been Affected

Hi-Level is no exception to this global pattern, and three weeks ago the difficult decision was made to postpone all regular business operations so that Hi-Level employees, customers, sub-contractors and suppliers could remain safe and stay at home.

During this period, the Hi-Level Directors managed all ongoing projects and monitored incoming enquiries.

In positive news, industry activity has begun to increase, and some Hi-Level staff have returned to the office to manage the interest.

Hi-Level’s Current Employee Policy

In regards to our staff, nothing is more important to us than their well-being and, in accordance with government guidelines, we have assured that all the returning members of the Hi-Level team are keeping to social distancing rules by allocating different rooms for each returning member. All in-house meetings are performed on the phone or via video software, and the sharing of physical papers is prohibited.

Safely Delivering Bespoke Mezzanines During COVID-19

Even during these unprecedented and challenging times, it is still Hi-Level’s mission to raise the standard. It is now more important than ever before that we can quickly and safely provide our bespoke mezzanine solutions to our partners. With some of them providing equipment which is directly effecting how we, as a country, are battling coronavirus.

Changes to our Sales Process

Our sales process remains mostly the same, apart from all meetings and conversations will be performed over the phone or via video conference software. To comply with current social distancing guidelines, our sales team has been reduced, but every member of our sales team has considerable experience and will be able to understand your requirements and able to provide you with suitable and cost-effective solutions.

During this time, our unique online ‘iQD’ quoting tool is proving to be very useful  to our key partners currently working from home, allowing them to generate their quotations – accurately.  No need for budget guesstimates.

Changes to our Production Process

Our production process remains largely the same also. Even though our production team and supply chain staff numbers are temporarily reduced, we are still able to manufacture bespoke mezzanines in a safe and timely manner for each of our unique projects.

Changes to our Project Management Process

Our in-house project management and design team are still processing exiting and new projects across the UK and mainland Europe during these testing times. As long as social distancing measures can be assured, our survey team can still assess your premises and our installation teams can erect your bespoke mezzanine structure.

In fact, now may be the perfect time to install a mezzanine. Quieter facilities can mean quicker installation times as there is less need to install around multiple live operation areas.

A Message from Hi-Level’s Sales Director

As a company, we continue to monitor the progression of COVID-19 and relevant government guidelines. Our principal focus is the welfare of our stakeholders whilst, at the same time, balancing the need to maintain our supply chains, manage possible disruptions and the impact on everyday life.

We have used this time to change our operations as appropriate, having fully reviewed our facilities and procedures, working to ensure the health and welfare of our team and customers, whilst still maintaining the high standards of service you have come to expect from us.

Although we believe the actions we have put in place are appropriate for the current levels of risk, they are under constant review and we will continue to assess the situation in line with the government recommendations.

Stay safe. We will persevere and overcome this challenge.

Chris Baxter
Hi-Level Sales Director

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