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IntraLogisteX 2019

Dates:            Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th February 2019

Venue:           Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Stand:            422

Join Hi-Level at the fastest-growing annual exhibition for the intralogistics industry, covering all key aspects of your business operations. The two-day event will be packed with everything practitioners need to improve productivity, safety, maximise space and cut costs.

Come and meet our team of experts who will be at hand to provide the most effective and practical space-boosting solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity for all their burning questions to be answered with genuine ideas for improvement. With nearly 28 years in experience working with storage, warehousing and distribution facilities, our team can confidently support you with all space-related challenges.

Visit us at stand 422 as we look forward to hearing all your ideas and comments!

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The Automotive Industry: Supplying Mezzanine Floor Solutions

The automotive sector is moving at a rapid pace as key players in the industry continuously transform and reinvent transport as we know it. Whether it’s organisations like Team BRIT changing the face of motor racing or luxury car brands pioneering intelligent innovation, such bold movements are revolutionising the future of automotive products and services. Hi-Level has designed mezzanine solutions to the automotive industry for many years, optimising space for the storage of car accessories, manufacturing and show rooms.

You can read about some of our work below:

Storage & Warehouses

Storing car parts or supplies can use a considerable amount of space and as the demand for warehouses increase, prices continue to soar. Such economical burdens force business owners with the decision to relocate or more beneficially, optimise their existing space. We have worked with several automotive businesses to build mezzanine flooring to maximise their building capacity.

Most recently, we helped support Team BRIT expand their workshop. What makes Team BRIT so inspiring is how their entire team consists of disabled drivers, many from the armed forces.  They are provided with intense driver development programmes to compete against able bodied drivers. As Team BRIT gear up to make racing history by participating in Le Mans 24hr endurance race, our team stepped in and designed them a mezzanine floor. We created a first-floor storage area to free up their ground floor space for their expanding vehicle fleet.

                                              Darren Amos, Hi-Level Internal Sales Account Manager at Silverstone Fun Cup 2018


Automotive manufacturers are regularly under pressure to maintain strong momentum and keep up with the growing market. Particularly, efficient production and the delivery of parts/car accessories to the end user is a main priority. Recently, we worked with Martins Fixings for Jaguar Land Rover as they expand their pre-production line in Coventry. Our bespoke mezzanine floor design created additional space for all their heavy-duty equipment and was installed with minimal disruption.



We have been a part of large projects involving refurbishing and designing mezzanine areas for motor vehicle show rooms. Such extensions provided additional space for both showcasing their cars and providing staff with expanded working areas. Below are some examples of our work with major car dealers.


For more information on any of our projects, please call our sales team today!

The Benefits Of A Retail Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors are ideal for retail environments. Whether you require an additional area for selling or increased storage capacity, a mezzanine floor is a flexible and cost-effective option which can quickly transform a retail space. In this post we discuss some of the benefits a mezzanine floor can bring to a business and the customer.

Increase Space Quickly Without Having To Relocate 

Easily the biggest benefit of a retail mezzanine floor is the potential of increased space area for selling and displaying products. Additionally, if you require extra storage for stock, a mezzanine can be a great way to expand existing storage facilities without having to move to a larger premises. Moving to new premises is costly and time consuming, having a mezzanine floor eliminates this worry, additionally they can be installed speedily without any extra cost.

Fully Customisable To Your Own Space 

Our mezzanine floors are built unique to each clients specification and designed to fit seamlessly within the stores arrangement. We encourage our clients to match the floor style to their branding, colour schemes and logo. This is particularly important within retail environments when businesses rely on aesthetics to enhance their branding and drive customers through the door.

Improve Customer Satisfaction And Increase Sales! 

An overcrowded shop-floor makes it difficult for customers to find what they are looking for and may lead to a negative and stressful experience for the customer. A mezzanine floor will allow retailers to spread their stock out and display items easily and more effectively – ultimately increasing sales!

At Hi-Level we provide everything you need for a functional and cost-effective mezzanine floor, from initial quotation through to installation – get in touch to find out how we can help you transform your retail space.


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Take a look at our retail case studies here

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Designing Structures For Seismic Activity

Throughout our 26 years of operation we have successfully designed and installed numerous large-scale mezzanine floor systems throughout the UK. These days, we are often called upon by organisations throughout Europe to help expand their warehousing and logistics hubs. In this post we discuss some of the technical, practical and ethical factors we must consider when designing and installing a mezzanine floor abroad.

Earthquake Resistant Construction and Other Government Regulations…

Something some our customers may not know is that our estimators are fully qualified to design to seismic activity specifications. But what exactly is seismic design and how does it affect the construction of a mezzanine floor?

Seismic activity refers to earthquakes, the vibrations they cause on the earth and its crust. In certain countries where this type of activity is more prevalent local authorities require engineers to adhere to guidelines which allow for this type of activity when designing structures.

Our estimator Georgios comments on the seismic design process,  “In order to design for seismic according to Eurocode 8 – EC8 information regarding the specific area of the floor is required, such as the soil type, the ground peak acceleration and the overall importance of the structure. Seismic loads are quite significant as they add a relative high horizontal load to the structure. We use a dynamic analysis software to calculate the total horizontal loads acting on the structure, these forces are then taken into consideration during the final design“.

Here at Hi-Level we have the technology and expertise to design for seismic activity, which allows us to install our floors across the globe!

In addition, other government building regulations to consider may include specific health & safety laws and working hour restrictions.

Conducting Business Abroad 

We understand that cultural differences can impact business negotiations abroad, we must consider a number of elements such as potential language barriers and behavioural differences to avoid confusion and conflict. We always work to the following guidelines;

  1. Understand The Clients Requirements – Having a clear understanding of the client’s needs from the outset is crucial to delivering a successful build, we ensure communication is consistent throughout the design and build process to ensure the clients expectations are managed and met without disappointment.
  2. Familiarise Ourselves With The Country’s Culture – With endless resources and online information it’s easier than ever to educate ourselves on a particular country’s cultural differences, having even a slight understanding can set us apart from competitors and leave a positive impact on our client.
  3. Communication Is Key It goes without saying that communication is key for business, but the ability to  communicate effectively with individuals from different cultural backgrounds can sometimes prove difficult, particularly if there is a language barrier. Here at Hi-Level some of our in-house staff are bilingual in several languages, but we also believe it’s important to learn the basics of the language within a new market, additionally visual communication can be a powerful tool for interacting when language barriers arise.




We are currently one of the only and most competitive UK based mezzanine floor companies that can design for seismic activity.

For International business enquires or more information on our floors please call us on +44 (0) 1730 190

Welcome To Our New Website!

After months of planning and organising we are happy to announce the launch of our new website which went live last week.

It still has the same great features as our previous site including the budget calculator and quote request but with a fresh updated look that is easier to navigate and also mobile responsive.

We wanted the site to be simplistic but modern and somewhere our customers can find information easily and quickly without a hassle!

We always value feedback so please contact us directly to let us know what you think of the new site: 

Many thanks,

The Hi-Level Team

How Do Steel Prices Influence The Cost Of Our Mezzanine Floors?

As a designer and installer of structural steel mezzanine floors, we are continually mindful of the potential factors influencing the price of steel. Which is why we are actively monitoring the market daily to ensure we are ahead of the game when it comes to providing the most competitive mezzanine floor quotations for our customers. In this feature, we discuss some of the basic but key elements that affect the price of steel and therefore influence our overall estimating process.

Global Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is arguably the biggest factor affecting the price of commodites such as steel.

When less steel becomes available, such as when certain countries experience stagnant growth, production slows down which ultimately drives a higher demand and increases the price. This is the case in the Chinese steel industry which rapidly expanded to become the second largest steelmaker in the world (accounting for 823 million tons of the world’s total in 2014). As a result, China produced far higher quantities of steel than the country inherently needed, driving down demand and ultimately leading to steel prices falling significantly.

Cost of Raw Materials

Steel is made up of several metal components, the availability of these materials can change depending on a number of factors. If access to these materials becomes limited, naturally demand will exceed supply resulting in a higher price.

Shipping Costs

Following on from the above, the materials used to create steel as well the product itself can be expensive to ship. Shipping overseas can be costly; labour costs and fuel also play a pivotal role in determining price.

Industry Trends

Industries that rely on steel such as construction, automotive and manufacturing may also directly influence steel pricing. If one industry is particularly strong this could drive higher demand for steel and ultimately increase the price of the end product.

Of course, it takes time and experience to the monitor the above factors as well as many others not mentioned in this article. At Hi-Level we have over 25 years’ experience designing, sourcing materials and installing mezzanine floors, if you have any questions or concerns relating to the information above please contact us directly at




Useful links:

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iQD Pro Quoting System

We often say our USP of value engineering is what sets us apart from other mezzanine designers and installers which is why last year we launched our budget calculating tool iQD The App. Designed in-house, the app generates a 3D model of a floor within minutes based on a simple set of specifications. iQD Pro is an extension of this which allows users to generate full mezzanine floor quotes with a click of a button, automatically working out the most efficient design solution based on specific budget requirements and current steel prices. iQD Pro works seamlessly across all media devices and is available to our customers today.




Contact for more information.


More on iQD:

iQD The App – Interview With The Developer

iQD The App – A First Look

Why We Built iQD The App


For questions regarding iQD please contact

How Mezzanine Floors Can Enhance Warehousing Space

Mezzanine flooring can boost productivity in most businesses, within the warehousing sector the additional space created from the floor allows room for more stock and storage, helping business respond to demand quickly and efficiently. A mezzanine floor is also much cheaper and a less inconvenient alternative to relocating or building new premises.

Mezzanine floors are free standing raised platforms that are supported by structural steel columns, it’s also important to note that our floors are not limited to one tier and can be several stories high depending on building height and floor strength. Our floors can also hold large loads supporting bespoke offices, machinery and automation equipment making them ideal for across a number of industries.

Hi-Level have installed floors in some of the largest warehousing and distribution centres in the UK – why not take a look at our previous case studies here.

To support our floors Hi-Level offers onsite surveys, design and detailed CAD drawings, building regulations approval, manufacture and installation.

Get in touch with us today – Request a quote or call us on +44 (0) 1730 190


5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Mezzanine Floor

5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Mezzanine Floor

If you have already decided that a mezzanine floor is the best solution for your space, great, we want to help you! But what other elements need to be considered before you request a quote…


It’s likely you already know the size of floor you require, but it’s important to be flexible. Our team will always allocate time to visit a potential site beforehand which will allow them to produce the most efficient and economical design for your space. Additionally, you may want to consider a multiple tier floor, all our floors are designed in compliance with current building regulations.

Floor Use

Consider the reason for the floor, is it to expand warehousing facilities? Increase the efficiency of automation processes? Is it for customer use in a retail store? Each of these different uses will have an impact on the overall design and additional ancillaries. We have installed floors across various industries throughout the past twenty-six years, why not take a look at the industry sector that is most appropriate to you: RetailOffice & Storage, Warehousing, Production, Automation.

Fire protection

Fire protection and mezzanine floors are covered under building regulations, depending on several factors a floor may not need to be fire rated. Don’t worry, we will advise whether the floor will require this kind of protection including specific requirements such as fire walls, ceilings and sprinkler systems.


Handrail is required on all exposed edges of a mezzanine floor for health and safety purposes. Depending on the purpose of the floor you may decide to go for a standard industrial handrail or a feature handrail which are more suited to a retail or office environment. Handrail can also be customised to suit company branding and aesthetics for customer facing floors.


We design staircases unique to each floor, the number of staircases needed will depend on the size and design of the floor. Take a look at our staircase page for more guidance.

At Hi-Level you can be sure that your project is taken care of from design to installation, our in-house expertise allows us to provide the best quoting and customer service possible.

Request a quote here

Maximising Office Space With A Mezzanine Floor

Our Mezzanine floors have allowed many businesses the scope to expand without the cost of relocating. Mezzanine floors are practical and cost-effective, and can be used across various industries such as retail, distribution and automation.

Within an office environment, a mezzanine floor can provide additional space in the form of new work spaces, staff meeting areas, or even laboratories and test areas. Our mezzanine floors can be designed around the existing office space, making them bespoke to your company.

We can design and supply a mezzanine floor as part of a turnkey project, supplying everything you need for a complete office refurbishment from partitioning to lighting.  Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of superior quality ancillaries to accompany the floor which can be designed around your company’s branding such as staircases and handrail.

With our floors we provide a complete service, from acceptance of the initial quotation we arrange full CAD design, compliance with building regulations, planning, manufacture and installation.

For more information on Hi-Level Mezzanines floors visit the about us section of our website.

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