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5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Mezzanine Floor

7th June 2017

5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Mezzanine Floor If you have already decided that a mezzanine floor is the best solution for your space, great, we want to help you! But what other elements need to be considered before you request a quote… Size It’s likely you already know the size of floor you […]

Maximising Office Space With A Mezzanine Floor

22nd May 2017

Our Mezzanine floors have allowed many businesses the scope to expand without the cost of relocating. Mezzanine floors are practical and cost-effective, and can be used across various industries such as retail, distribution and automation. Within an office environment, a mezzanine floor can provide additional space in the form of new work spaces, staff meeting areas, or even laboratories […]

How Mezzanine Floors Are Helping Retailers Adapt To E-Commerce

6th April 2017

According to the most recent figures, internet usage in the UK is at an all time high, with over 90% of the UK’s 64.91 million people regularly using the internet. This rise in internet usage, spurred on by the invention of smart phones and tablets, has come with an exciting growth in the world of […]

Treating Employees With Care – Health And Safety

1st April 2017

Although Health and Safety legislation can sometimes seem like an unnecessary burden, it is absolutely worth your time. If an employee is injured in your workplace then not only will they be out of work for potentially a long period of time, leaving your staff stretched or meaning you have to find a replacement, but you […]

4 Strategies To Increase Your Production Capacity

6th March 2017

Although it can feel great to be shipping orders out the door left, right and center, at the same time a dramatic increase in sales can put immense pressure on your company infrastructure. Luckily there are options available to you to help ease the stress and meet the increasing demand from your customers and clients. #1 […]

How Installing A Mezzanine Floor Can Help You Expand Without Losing Customers

13th February 2017

Relocating a business to new premises is a complex process and one of the biggest worries that businesses have is the potential of losing customers. Whether you are a new company with a growing reputation or a well established one with loyal customers, chances are that you are either beginning to, or in fact have […]

Why Should You Use A Pallet Gate To Safely Access A Mezzanine Floor?

1st February 2017

Mezzanine flooring can make a significant impact on the productivity of a warehouse, utilising space that would otherwise be wasted. This can help businesses to improve their dispatch times and reduce the need to move to new premises. However, as we explained in our recent post health and safety should always be at the forefront […]

How A Mezzanine Floor Can Benefit Restaurants and Bars

17th January 2017

Most bars and restaurants would like to be running at full capacity, but when this happens and things begin to go well, a sudden lack of room for customers can put unwanted pressure on bar and kitchen staff. It can also lead owners to consider relocation or opening another bar or restaurant as a way […]

3 Reasons Why Businesses Turn To Mezzanine Flooring

11th January 2017

Over the years Hi Level has positioned itself as one of Europe’s leading mezzanine flooring specialists, helping to supply flooring to businesses across the retail, warehousing and production sectors. But what are some of the common reasons why businesses approach us to install mezzanine flooring and what solutions does it provide? They’ve outgrown their facilities […]

iQD The App – Interview With The Developer

28th November 2016

With iQD now available, we caught up with our lead developer to discuss the process behind the app’s creation… What was the motivation behind the creation of iQD? “Innovation through technology has always been a core philosophy at Hi-Level, from the early command-line based quoting system through to our latest iQD Pro quoting and management […]

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