Why mezzanines are right for Magna Park

New development at Magna Park in Lutterworth shows the intense pressure for space at UK logistics hubs – pressure that mezzanines are in prime position to ease.

Europe’s biggest dedicated logistics park is getting even bigger with four sheds totalling 1.4m sq. ft coming on stream. The size of the new warehouses will range from 119,000 sq. ft to 761,000 sq. ft. They will take the number of buildings at the park to more than 50 and it is on track to increase its offering to nearly 16 million sq. ft.

Developer GPL said demand for new units reflected the success of Magna Park, which last year had only one building available to lease. “This is a testament to our confidence in the resilience of the UK logistics market and the strategic importance of the Midlands in particular,” GPL said.

The trends at Magna Park mirror those in the Golden Triangle and North West regional logistics hubs.

This acute demand for space highlights the advantages companies gain when they install a mezzanine to make maximum use of all their available capacity.

Why mezzanines make such a difference

Hi-Level Mezzanines clients who have premises at Magna Park are Primark, Amazon, DHL and Toyota.

Smart businesses are avoiding the crisis in warehouse capacity by installing mezzanines to double, triple or quadruple their space. They can expand with confidence and cater to customer demand into the future without the high costs and disruption of moving to new premises.

Crucially, they can trust Hi-Level Mezzanines because our qualified structural engineers are industry-leading experts.

Advantages of Magna Park

What makes Magna Park so successful? It’s strategically located, a few miles off the M1 at junction 20. It is always evolving, with ongoing developments aimed at expanding its capacity and capabilities. It provides a high-quality business environment specifically focused on logistics and distribution.

And it has a record of pioneering innovations: the development has included the planting of over a million trees and a 250-acre country park is being created on the site. It is so big it even has its own community radio station, and its new HGV fuel and stop area has attracted bids from five competing truck stop and fuel operators.

Magna Park benefits from its central location: close to the geographic centre of England, it is an ideal distribution hub for companies looking to efficiently reach markets across the country. Close to the M1, and with easy access to the M6 and M69, Magna Park has exceptional connectivity.  Excellent transport links and proximity to major markets in densely populated areas facilitate distribution, in turn reducing transport times, lowering costs and improving overall supply chain efficiency.

It also offers state-of-the-artfacilities. With modern warehouses and logistics centres, it is designed to meet the high demands of contemporary supply chain operations. These facilities enable major national and international companies to operate efficiently and manage large volumes of goods, generating significant employment opportunities and contributing to economic growth.

Benefits of mezzanines

Our forward-looking clients are installing mezzanines to make the very best use of their existing space and avoid the trouble and expense of shifting to new premises. We work with them to construct a range of bespoke mezzanines, as varied as Amazon distribution centres and medical facilities with strict clinical requirements.

With a mezzanine, firms can use overhead space that would otherwise lie vacant to maximise their productivity, and the extra storage space they gain with a mezzanine is an important safeguard against supply chain disruption.

We have also pioneered Hi-Tile, a unique robot-ready flooring specifically for mezzanines that we have designed to meet the demands of automation.

Hi-Level Mezzanines

Hi-Level Mezzanines provides mezzanine floors of the highest quality in the industry, yet remaining competitively priced thanks to the expertise of our team of qualified structural engineers, innovative digital design process and advanced solutions.

For 30 years we have been creating space for amazing things to happen. Contact us today for more information at sales@hi-level.co.uk or call 01730 237 190.

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