The A to Z of Hi-Level Mezzanines


is for automation, with mezzanines to support robotics and conveyor systems (like the 22 platforms to carry conveyors we installed for Amazon in Derby).


is for our budget calculator, to get the most accurate mezzanine quote in the industry, down to the last nuts and bolts.


is for case studies, revealing the incredibly versatile ways mezzanines are used, from beer to bike share.


is for design process, a tried-and-tested methodology that is customised to every client.

Granger Hertzog Interior. 11th December 2019. Images Copyright


is for our structural engineers, true industry experts underpinning our reputation for quality and innovation.


is for future-proofing your business, providing the extra space you need without the expense and inconvenience of relocating.


is for green, and the efforts we are making to minimise our carbon footprint.


is for our revolutionary robot-ready Hi-Tile, the most durable and cost-effective flooring on the market.


is for IQD Pro, our industry-leading tool used to create the 3D models we send out with free quotes.


is for joists, the span between mezzanine beams that are the fixing points for the decking.

is for kg, and how load capacity is central to the science of designing a mezzanine.


is for logistics and leisure, just two of the sectors where mezzanines are helping our customers maximise their productivity.


is for multi-tier mezzanines, allowing customers such as online retail giant ASOS to triple or quadruple their usable space.


is for news, with all the latest updates on the benefits of installing a mezzanine.


is for offices, so you can create new capacity by making the most of your unused headroom.


is for piling, the hidden magic underneath a mezzanine when load requirement is greater than your slab will take.


is for quality, proven by our accreditations for customer focus, risk management and process.


is for retail, with mezzanines both for booming e-commerce operations and maximising return on bricks-and-mortar stores.


is for space, and how mezzanines are the answer to the warehouse crisis.


is for testimonials, highlighting how we go above and beyond to make sure our customers have a great experience.


is for UKWA, because we are proud members of the UK Warehouse Association.


is for value, and our value-engineered design model that optimises steel utilisation and drives costs down.


is for warehousing, and using mezzanines to expand your footprint at a time of low vacancy rates and high rents.

mezzanine floor ancillaries


is for IntraLogisteX, IWLEX and IMHX, and the joy of meeting our customers to share our latest innovations at trade shows around the UK.


is for 30+ years of experience, and why we’re working even harder now we’re owned by our staff.


is for Generation Z, and installing mezzanines to create a workplace of the future with room to expand and grow.

Hi-Level Mezzanines

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