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Three Mezzanine Floors for Alliance Healthcare With Bowmer & Kirkland

The Client & Challenge

Hi-Level were delighted to have been successfully chosen to design, build and install three individual mezzanine floors for pharmaceutical organisation, Alliance Healthcare in Preston, Lancashire. This particular build was conducted through construction services group, Bowmer & Kirkland who Hi-Level have worked with previously on several other projects.

The Criteria

The project was divided into three individual mezzanine floors designed to sit seamlessly alongside an existing structure within the client’s warehouse.

The floor specifications were as follows:

  • Floor 1 – 700 sqm 
  • Floor 2 – 300 sqm 
  • Floor 3 – 100 sqm 

The mezzanines were part of an overall reworking of the clients materials handling program. As such, they were designed to be uniquely shaped with specific steel-work arrangements to provide support over an existing conveyor system. In addition to the floors, Hi-Level supplied fire rated columns with protection.

The Solution & Result 

The mezzanines were built out of hours to ensure no disruption to the warehouse operations workers during the daytime. Shortly after the project finished, Hi-Level designed and installed a supplementary external galvanised staircase.

As always, Hi-Level’s superior build quality and attentive installation management made for another successful project – leaving both parties happy!

Take a look at the finished product below:

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Warehouse Mezzanine Floor For Bullen Healthcare

The Client & Challenge

Bullen Healthcare a family owned medical supply company approached Hi-Level last year to design and install a mezzanine floor within their Liverpool warehouse.

The Criteria

The client required the mezzanine to be built above an existing shelving layout within the warehouse, with minimal disruption to the ongoing work during warehouse operating hours.

The final specfications of the mezzanine floor project were detailed as follows:

  • 700 sq metre mezzanine floor
  • Fully fire rated
  • LED lighting underneath the mezzanine structure

The Solution & Result 

In order to cause no disruption to the warehouse workers normal routine the entire build was conducted during night-time hours. As a result the project was completed swiftly over a 6 week period.

Adrian Williams, Hi-Level Operations Manager comments: “The floor construction for Bullen Healthcare ran smoothly from start to finish, with the install completed overnight no disruption was caused to the clients regular picking and packing routine, a big accomplishment for a live operating warehouse. Hi-Level and the client are extremely happy the finished mezzanine floor”.

Take a look at the finished product below:

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Logistics Distribution Centre Mezzanine Floor With Magrock

The Client & Challenge

Building contractor Magrock invited Hi-Level to tender for this particular floor after being dissatisfied with a previous mezzanine floor supplier, who failed to meet their requirements. The end client, Clipper Logistics are a UK leading logistics solutions company.

The Criteria

Clipper Logistics required the mezzanine floor within a new distribution centre for one of their clients.

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • Mezzanine Floor – 34m x 12m
  • Featuring 1 extra width general access staircase and 1 galvanised utility escape staircase
  • Side mounted handrail painted to the clients specification
  • Chamfered and countersunk fixing in base plates

The Solution & Result 

Despite delivery and installation being on a tight timescale, the build program was completed over a period of 9 days, finishing in December 2017.

“Hi level were appointed to carry out a single story extension within a live warehouse environment.  The project was delivered on time and to a high standard throughout.  This was our first project with Hi level and we would not hesitate using them again as their attitude from tendering the project through to completing the works was second to none.  Thank you to everyone involved” David Brewer, Construction Director – Magrock

Take a look at the finished product below:

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Storage Floor For Popular Gift and Homeware Brand

The Challenge

We came together with STS Storage to construct large floor for London based gift and homeware brand.

The Criteria

After growth in sales the client was keen to increase their storage capacity and decided a mezzanine floor would be the most practical solution for their new warehouse.

The Solution

  • To build a mezzanine floor of 61m x 18.5 m x 3.35 m.
  • Three staircases allow for minimum congestion.
  • To include underside fire protection.
  • Link the new floor to the existing 1st floor office area.
  • Extra ancillaries include handrail and pallet gates.

The Result

In April 2016 the project was wrapped up in under 3 weeks during a ‘fast track’ installation process, and as you can see from the images we are very pleased with the end result!

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Mezzanine Floor for the UK’s Largest Independent Freight Forwarder


The Challenge

To supply, deliver and install a single tier mezzanine floor, fire protection and staircase enclosures in a busy warehouse, the client needed minimal disruption and required the time frame to be met with no compromises.

The Criteria

Hi-Level Mezzanines and the distributor went through a rigorous tender process for the design, supply and installation of a 31,000 square foot mezzanine floor with a lo ad capacity of 6.0kN/m2 UDL. The brief set out by Davies Turner was for the full turnkey of designing a mezzanine floor, full 1 hour fire protection, lighting, smoke detection and stair enclosures .

With steel spans of 9,750mm x 7,800mm and a finished floor height of 4,150mm, this was not going to be a straight forward project. On inspection it was noted that the floor slab was incapable of taking the imposed floor loading. After carrying out a Geo Technical Investigation every column required piling. Hi-Level Mezzanines and their distributor were tasked with designing the piles and pile caps to take the imposed load of the mezzanine floor.

The Solution

Hi-Level were chosen by their distributor based on previous experience and a good working relationship -”Hi Level worked closely with me on getting the design right to make sure that when the floor arrived on site everything fitted perfectly. Our project manager was very professional throughout the installation and helped by going the extra mile to make sure the project was handed over earlier than the client anticipated.” said the Sales Director

The Result

The mezzanine floor was completed in September 2012 after 4 weeks onsite for the mezzanine floor and 3 weeks for the fire rating. The project was completed on time and within budget. The Hi-Level Project Manager said ‘This was a large turn key project which had phased hand over deadlines, this meant we needed to work efficiently to meet the installation deadlines. We are pleased to say that the client was extremely satisfied with the end result especially as we were able to complete the job in budget and provide an earlier handover time which meant there was no disruption to them”.

Director of Davies Turner & Co Ltd said “Davies Turner have been provided with a perfect solution to our additional floor space requirements delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption for such a large mezzanine project in a busy warehouse. Our time frame was absolutely critical”.

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Major Multi-National Retailer Construction

The Challenge

A multinational retailer, which designs, produces and distributes branded fashion clothing for men and women, through a network of branded retail stores in the UK, Europe and North America, wished to consolidate its warehousing operations.

In an effort to streamline its operations and bring stock control back in-house, the retailer decided to relocate the staff, resources and stock from two third party distributor sites located in East London to a third warehouse. To do so, it was necessary to maximise the internal space at the site by multi-tiering the interior space.

The Criteria

The retailer put out a tender for a two-tier mezzanine floor measuring 30 metres wide by 90 metres long which would take a load of 4.8 kN/m². This had to incorporate four staircases and seven pallet gates on the first floor, and a variable column grid to include a single column spacing which was wider than the others running through the centre of the ground floor.

This column had to provide six metres clearance for the storage and manoeuvrability of a bespoke machine. In addition, cut-outs had to be incorporated into the mezzanine floor to allow garments to be transported from the ground to the top floor and allowances made for a garment conveyor belt system.

The Solution

Hi-Levels customer invited wholesale mezzanine floor suppliers to partner with it to pitch for the warehouse contract. Because of the nature of the build, they sought a specialist provider that would be able to deliver to the prescribed specifications. It considered proposals submitted by Davicon and Hi-Level Mezzanines.

The customer selected Hi-Level based in part on its previous experience of working with us as the two have worked on a variety of projects over the past six years. “We knew from previous experience that Hi-Level could fulfil the task. We trade with them very often so we’re very relaxed about that,” said the Sales Director

Hi-Level designed a fourteen week programme of work that detailed precisely which elements of the build would be completed and when. But the overriding factor was down to Hi-Level’s competitive quote.

This was in part due to the in-house design management system Hi-Level has developed, called QD3 Pro, which automatically works out the best design for the floor given the technical and operating parameters within the design

brief. This factored in current steel prices, manufacturing and installation team availability, using a single set of data supplied by the customer at the quotation stage of the project.

Hi-Level also worked on specifications for the building regulations process. In addition to incorporating all of the specified design features, Hi-Level included top of the range products such as Class ‘O’ Spreader Flame decking which would meet the stringent fire safety and health and safety rulings imposed on the conversion by the local planning authorities. “They provided us with the necessary drawings and calculations which we in turn passed on to the customer,” says Lilley.

The Implementation

Hi-Level undertook the sourcing and manufacturing of materials plus the installation of the floor while their customer were on site project managing. There were five development phases to the mezzanine build. In addition, Hi-Level also coordinated its activities with the other building contractors. “Lighting, sprinklers, other electrical works, smoke detection systems, they were all going on at the same time. And a lot of those services ran through the mezzanine floor levels so Hi-Level released areas of the floor to them when they were completed,” explains the customers Sales Director

Throughout the building process, Hi-Level had many channels of communication with their customer allowing them to benefit from the supplier’s expertise. “They provided us with technical advice in terms of determining what the floor loading would be and how much it could take to enable the main contractor to work on the floor. And in terms of liaison on site and doing the job it was very helpful. We had a weekly chat with the guys that were on site actually building it,” Said the customer.

Plus they had regular contact with the Sales and Marketing team back at base. “The service offered was most helpful because we had one primary point of contact and our account manager gave us a consistent line of communication. We get costings via the office through him and he came to see us to check we were getting what we needed when we needed it,” they explained.

Hi-Level has also provided customer after-care, returning to site to address any issues. “If there was a sharp edge that was just an oversight, they organised the guys that installed the floors to come back in and clean-up and tidy these edges. In the last three months if there has been a specific problem or difficulty they have organised someone to come back in and take a look at it,” he praised.


The mezzanine floor was completed by ourselves on budget and two weeks ahead of schedule in just under twelve weeks. This achievement illustrates the effective working relationship between Hi-Level and its customer which ultimately paid dividends for the retail customer.

Centralising the warehouse and distribution facilities has enabled the retailer to benefit from reduced overheads, economies of scale and has provided it with a single site in the UK from which to provision its network of branded retail stores and department store franchises.

The installation of the mezzanine infrastructure in the leased premises allowed the company to design the interior to its precise needs. It is now able to utilise state of the art technology, such as a conveyor and hanging garment storage system, as a result. And the site has provided it with a pleasant, efficient and profitable environment from which to coordinate UK operations.



Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Design And Production Of A 1400m² Floor For Export To Mauritania

The Brief

As part of a major warehouse equipment project, which one of Hi-Levels customers were installing for an international client in Africa, Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd were required to design and supply a large two tier mezzanine floor.

The Criteria

The Client required a two tier 1400sqm mezzanine, staircases, handrail, pallet gates and landing access areas. The column grid design was very unusual so that it suited the client’s predetermined shelving layout. Planning and preparation work was involved to get the materials recorded & documented for export to Africa.

The Solution

For this complex job Hi-Level designed a 9.5kN/m2 heavy duty loading floor with joist centres at 400mm.

The Design also included 6m high continuous columns to make installation easier and avoid baseplates on intermediate levels. Extensive parts list and documentation was essential to allow smooth export to Africa.

The Result

The mezzanine floor was completed in February 2014 The project was completed on time and within budget. Hi-Level Mezzanines Project Manager said ‘This was a complex project with a tight deadline and for a client who expects the highest standards. We worked hand in hand with our distributors project team to ensure that this multi-tier structure was delivered on schedule and within budget. We received a glowing commendation from our client, and are currently working with them on their next export project.’

Managing Director of Hi-Levels distributor comments, “You can see from the photos that the structure looks excellent and the customer is very pleased. Well done, your difficult design & manufacture issues have been very successful”


Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Mezzanine Floor Installed For Major Logistics Company

The Challenge

The Technology Division of a major logistics company based in Milton Keynes took the decision to close a 200,000 ft² warehouse facility, from which it had been running an important software supplier contract.

It needed to relocate this part of the business to another existing technology distribution facility in the same town. In order to accommodate the increased business, this facility needed to increase its capacity substantially.

When the logistics company weighed up the options it became clear that a mezzanine floor within the existing facility would: provide the capacity required, would be cost-effective to install, would improve the productivity of the site and, importantly, the upgraded facilities could be brought on-stream very quickly.

The real challenge however, was to accomplish both the installation of the new mezzanine and the relocation of the warehouse stock to the new facility without disrupting either the existing warehouse operation or the service levels agreed under the software company’s contract.

The Requirement

It was decided to install a two-tier mezzanine to allow for further expansion in the future. This would provide an additional 37,000 ft² of floor area with a loading rating of 5.0kN/m² allowing for storage and light industrial use.

The floors had to incorporate seven staircases and six pallet gates together with full safety protection systems. Before the final specification could be agreed the concrete floor needed to be tested for strength and suitability and then detailed plans would be needed for Building Regulations approval.

In addition to the mezzanine, the main contractor was to be responsible for the efficient installation of all other services including ducting, fresh air, all electrics, fabrication of offices and a Board Room, 560 bays of shelving and fire protection including a sprinkler system.

The timescale was very tight for a project of this complexity but it was driven by the need to close the existing warehouse facility.

The Solution

The logistics company invited three businesses to tender for the project. Given the complexity of the project and the very tight deadline, the customer needed to partner with a mezzanine manufacturing company that was technically competent, reliable and able to react very quickly.

A Senior Account Manager at Hi-Levels Distributor said, “In the end it wasn’t a difficult decision to go with Hi-Level. We’ve worked successfully with them in the past so we knew we could rely on them to provide the design and technical support we needed. And, as a leading manufacturer, we also knew that they could handle a project of this scale.”

Hi-Level and their Distributor were ultimately successful in the selection process due to their proactive approach, innovative thinking and flexibility. “It was their willingness to engage with us to identify the project requirements and to make positive suggestions which finally convinced us that they were the right partner for this critical project,” comments the logistics company’s Project Manager.

By the time the selection process had been completed and the necessary guarantees and warranties put in place for the landlord, the maximum site time available before the immovable deadline was just 16 weeks.

In addition to the original project requirements, tests on the concrete floor revealed the need to strengthen it considerably to take the weight of the double floor mezzanine concentrated on columns spaced at 6m intervals.

This meant that 16m piles beneath each column were needed to take the weight of the mezzanine and all this additional work had to be completed within the 16 week period.

Using its unique QD3 Pro mezzanine design management system, Hi-Level developed a programme of work that detailed precisely which elements of the build would be completed by when, and co-ordinated this plan to ensure that the work could be done without undue disruption to the warehouse, which needed to continue normal operations during the construction of the new mezzanine.

The Implementation

Due to the very tight deadlines, channels of communication were kept short with senior level, decision-maker contacts established to ensure that complex issues were identified and dealt with without delay.

Hi-Level took responsibility for producing detailed plans for the mezzanine and then handled all Building Regulations applications and approvals while their customer coordinated all associated services.

In order to comply with strict Health & Safety requirements at the warehouse and out of consideration for neighbouring businesses, the whole work area was protected with barriers, and sheeting was erected to limit the spread of dust from the site works.

All drilling of the concrete slab and piling work was completed by specialist contractors working overnight to limit the impact of noise, vibration and dust and Hi-Level’s installation teams worked in shifts around the clock to ensure that the project progressed according to the schedule.

As soon as the piling was completed at one end of the site, Hi-Level’s mezzanine floor installation teams started the build process working with teams of specialists installing all the other services.

Regular site meetings with all key personnel ensured that as issues were identified they were quickly resolved and, throughout the whole build process, delays were kept to an absolute minimum.

The logistics company Project Manager was delighted with the way the project progressed, “Without the direct lines of communication at all levels from the top down and the willingness to find solutions as issues arose or changes to specifications were needed, this project simply couldn’t have been delivered on time. The flexibility and excellent understanding built up between our teams ensured that the project was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule”.

The Results

The whole project from initial order to completion was delivered in just under 16 weeks. The logistics company has been able to relocate its software contract business in its entirety without any negative impact on service levels for this or any of its other technology contracts.

The consolidation of its technology distribution facilities has produced very significant operational and financial benefits. The relatively low cost of the installation combined with the efficiency gains from greatly increasing the usable space within an existing facility mean that the pay-back period on the investment will be extremely short.


Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Large Mezzanine For Prestige Homeseeker With Cubex Contracts

The Client & Challenge

Hi-Level Mezzanines and Cubex Contracts come together to design and install a mezzanine floor mobile home manufacturer, Prestige Homeseeker in Rushden.

The Criteria

The client wanted to increase their production capacity and believed a mezzanine floor to be a viable solution in providing extra space and accelerating the overall manufacturing process.

The Solution

  • To create 1200 square metres of additional floor space in the form of a mezzanine floor.
  • Design a cantilever deck to ensure the largest amount of space possible, without restricting columns.
  • Additional higher mezzanine area for an efficient production line.
  • Finish with 6m gate to allow for storage of roofing materials, 3m channel down the centre of the underside of the floor for forklift access and bespoke fire rated bulkhead for the sprinkler system pipework.

The Result

The project was completed in August 2016. Cubex chose Hi-Level as the supplier, specifically due to their reputation as a credible and highly experienced installer. Frances MacKenzie of Cubex comments “We chose Hi-Level to support us because as a supplier of ours they have never let us down and demonstrated skilled engineering in the past, which is what this project required”.

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

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