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Rockstar Climbing Ltd Create Secondary Spend Opportunity with Mezzanine Installation

The Client

Rockstar Climbing is a Swindon-based climbing leisure facility and has provided indoor climbing walls to people of all ages and abilities since 2015.

In addition to offering leisure climbing, they arrange events, parties and courses with NICAS and NIBAS accredited climbing coaches.

The Challenge

The climbing company required a bespoke mezzanine structure that would support a café and viewing area for spectators who wish to observe the climbing and bouldering walls.

Hi-Level were appointed to design, manufacture and install the mezzanine and it was crucial we were able to deliver to the agreed deadline, as there were further development plans after we completed the mezzanine section of their project.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 145m² floor size
  • 4kN/m² live load
  • Ancillaries: 27m public access handrail and general access staircase
  • Fire protection

The Solution and Result

Our expert team was able to install the mezzanine structure over a two-day period which meant that Rockstar’s overall development plan was able to stay on schedule.

The end result has enabled Rockstar to increase their footprint and spectators can now feel more part of the action in this thrilling community facility.

Novatech Increase Office Space Capacity at their Headquarters

The Client

Novatech is an independent manufacturer of PC’s, laptops and components. Based in Hampshire, they have been providing technology solutions for homes, offices, and schools for over 27 years. They have over 200 staff and have become one of the UK’s most trusted technology providers.

The technology company was planning to expand its internal corporate sales department, so they contracted Hi-Level to refurbish and remodel their existing office to future-proof their premises and create additional storage space.

The Challenge

Hi-Level devised a solution to design, manufacture and install a fire-rated single-tier mezzanine with a first-floor office fit-out.

The mezzanine floor’s purpose would be to connect two previously installed mezzanine structures already on the premises. The space underneath the new mezzanine would provide Novatech with additional storage space, housing a racking and shelving system for their components.

The Criteria

The Mezzanine requirements were as follows:

  • 515m² floor size
  • 4.8kN/m² live load
  • Fire protection

The remodelling and refurbishment aspect of the project included:

  • Glass partitioning
  • New ceiling system
  • LED lighting
  • Installation of two external walls

The Solution and Result

As with all of our fit-out projects, Novatech’s refurbished premises comply with all Construction Design and Management Regulations.

A Hi-Level Project Manager regularly visited the site to monitor its progress and manage all of the health and safety issues attached to a fit-out project.

The project was completed within the allocated time-frame and within budget, and the refurbished facility successfully reflected the Novatech brand.

Thanks to the refurbishment, Novatech now has increased office and storage space without having to relocate.

Railway Arch Becomes Office Space for ASAP International

The Challenge

A distributor working for ASAP International contracted Hi-Level to refurbish and remodel a railway arch within their client’s new office space. Hi-Level devised a bespoke solution that included a single-tier mezzanine structure, suspended ceiling, fascia and fire lobby around the staircase. Due to the railway arch’s limited ventilation, they also required fresh air to internal offices.

The build was to be completed with carpets, recessed floor boxes for power and data to the open plan office area, and a new bathroom to the rear of the arch. There were to be two offices at ground level alongside an open area large enough for fork truck accessibility. The mezzanine floor would also have two offices, as well as an open-plan office and computer cupboard. The first floor required lighting and electrics, and the distributor requested a ground smoke detection system.

The Criteria

The mezzanine requirements of the project were as follows:

  • 66.3m² floor size
  • 4.8kN/m² live load
  • Ancllaries: general access staircase and 1m handrail
  • Fire protection

The Solution and Result

The distributor selected Hi-level due to their successful ongoing relationship. The distributor’s Project Manager stated, “Having worked together on several mezzanine projects, we knew Hi-Level had the expertise to provide a turnkey solution. Having a single point of contact for all the trades was essential to the smooth running and accuracy of the project. Creating an office storage solution in such a unique setting meant the client needed an experienced team, and together we were able to provide that.”

Hi-Level and their distributor worked together on the complex task of cutting in the partition stud wall into the curvature of the railway arch. The project had to be undertaken with careful planning and organisation due to the limited space available. Hi-Level had to implement a design that achieved the required office space and suitable floor space underneath the mezzanine for fork trucks to access the storage area located at the back of the premises.

The project was completed on-time (four weeks onsite) and within budget. The Hi-Level Project Manager stated, “The key element of this project was the pre-installation design work, as this ensured we could provide the working areas the client required within the railway arch’s limited space.


The guys were efficient, worked well, and ensured we were informed about the project’s progress. On the whole, the project went very well.
Managing Director of ASAP International.

KAPCO Encourage Growth by Relocating to a Larger Premises

The Client

KAPCO is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of commercial aircraft parts and supplies, including machined products and assemblies, electrical connectors, clamp seals and couplings.

In addition to their fabricated aircraft components, KAPCO is a distributor for more than 70 other manufacturers, with distribution centres strategically located throughout the world.

The Challenge

KAPCO decided to move its European distribution centre from the Netherlands to the UK and identified a large, disused warehouse with offices in Bordon, Hampshire. Although the building was partitioned into several smaller areas, it had the necessary space that could meet KAPCO’s requirements.

Hi-Level had worked with KAPCO on a previous project and was invited by KAPCO to present its ideas for the development of the warehouse facility.

The Criteria

Part of the refurbishment was to install a small mezzanine structure that would provide additional office space above the packaging and dispatch area (see details below).

  • 76.8m² floor size
  • 3.5kN?m²live load

One of KAPCO’s main requirements was to remodel the warehouse floor to provide a large, more open area that would create more office space and achieve an optimum level of energy efficiency. The overall site required complete refurbishing and redecorating, and KAPCO specified that the building’s new design should reflect their corporate identity.

Armed with these that information, Hi-Level carried out an extensive survey of the building and produced layout drawings, which were fine-tuned in subsequent meetings.

The Result

The contract was carried out under the Construction Design and Management Regulations, and the drawing design was approved and a programme of works was agreed to be completed within 12 weeks.

Throughout the project, an in-house Project Manager at Hi-level regularly visited the site to monitor its progress and manage all of the health and safety issues attached to a fit-out project.

Hi-Level recognised the importance of communication and arranged regular weekly meetings to discuss the projects’ progress and to issue reports.

It was this successful mix of regular, effective communication and accurate installation that enabled Hi-Level to provide a fit-out that maximised the KAPCO facility’s space and energy efficiency.


“KAPCO UK selected Hi-Level as our contractor following work they had done for us on an earlier project. From launch, their staff’s design flare, their knowledge of what could be realistically possible at a sensible cost and their innovation helped us achieve a really robust functional design for the 30-year-old facility”.

“A design was created which matched our working requirements and actually achieved more useable office, warehouse and workshop space. Hi-Level then helped us build our environmental requirements for modern office and warehouse working conditions with the latest, heating, air conditioning, and lighting systems, plus an advanced security and access control system that would allow us to continually tailor the building to our ever-changing working practices and contractual requirements”.

“Hi-Level were given a very tight 12-week timescale to work within which caused inevitable challenges, but they responded very well even when we decided on design changes as the project came to life. We moved into the new facility on schedule and have been extremely happy with the quality of their work and the environment created. Hi-Level’s regular after-sales support, checking for a satisfied customer, has been something I haven’t experienced much before from the building industry”.
Dave McRobert, Managing Director of KAPCO

H+S Aviation Improve Cost Efficiency by Office Fit-Out in Current Premises

The Client

H+S Aviation is a leading independent repair and overhaul organisation for aviation engines and components. They are Europe’s largest overhaul and repair facility for engine accessories, processing 4500 units a year.

The aviation company approached Hi-Level directly to develop an office space solution for their head office in Portsmouth. They required a separate, easily accessible office within their existing production area for the on-site engineers.

The Challenge

To achieve this, Hi-Level would have to design, manufacture and install a bespoke mezzanine structure. Both the first and ground floor would become office space, but the space created underneath would also include a lockable storage area fitted with mesh partitioning and a connecting door.

The Criteria

The mezzanine requirements were as follows:

  • 29m² floor size
  • 3.5kN/m² live load
  • Fire protection
  • Ancillaries: General access staircase and 1.5m handrail

The fit-out aspect of the project included:

  • Glass partitioning
  • Mesh partitioning
  • LED lighting and power
  • Dry lining
  • Suspended tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Walltalker – writable, dry-erase wall

The Result

As with all Hi-Level fit-out projects, the design, manufacture, and installation process complied with all Construction Design and Management Regulations.

A Hi-Level Project Manager visited the site regularly to manage all of the health and safety issues attached to a fit-out project, monitor the project’s progress, and to ensure the result would meet H+S Aviation’s requirements.

The project was completed in around two weeks and within budget. The resulting structure provided H+S Aviation with a modern and practical office area, as well as a secure storage facility, to complement their production space.

Hi-Level Fit-Out Transforms Granger Hertzog’s New Facility

The Client

Founded in 2004, Granger Hertzog has built a reputable brand for providing high-quality, contemporary furniture and lifestyle pieces for hire. After twenty years of styling and designing film sets, Directors Karen Granger and Careen Hertzog used their shared passion to launch a thoughtful and inspiring space for other creatives in their industry. Over the years, the company has built an impressive furniture and prop hire service where clients are able to browse the wide collection of eclectic pieces from around the world that Granger Hertzog have to offer.

Hi-Level initially worked with Technirack in 2014 to install a large 1100m² single tier mezzanine floor as part of a much larger project for Granger Hertzog. Since then, Granger Hertzog has experienced ongoing success and continued growth, particularly with their online presence.

As a result, Granger Hertzog made the strategic decision to relocate to a new and larger premises that would not only satisfy their current operations, but also meet growth plans for the business. Due to the previous Managing Director from Technirack taking retirement, all parties agreed for Hi-Level to be the main contractor for the whole project. Granger Hertzog trusted us to provide the necessary management based on our initial successful installation.

The Challenge

Granger Hertzog were moving approximately 100 metres on the same industrial unit from a 17,975ft² unit to a 25,823ft² unit. Their design requirement was based primarily on their previous project on a much larger scale. Hi-Level had to provide a clean and simple multi-functional facility which would support Granger Hertzog’s objectives. Such objectives included a showroom for their vast catalogue of products and space for clients to work alongside the Granger Hertzog team. In addition, space for their logistics team was integral to ensure operations could run smoothly and efficiently.

Hi-Level were faced with the challenge of executing a mezzanine design that maximised the space of the unit whilst also minimising obstruction for Granger Hertzog’s products. It was essential for Granger Hertzog to have as much open and productive space as possible.

The Criteria

The criteria was discussed and honed during many design meetings, ensuring we could execute the brief to their exact requirements.

The full fit-out programme firstly included a two-tier mezzanine which would provide 16,000ft² of floor area per tier with a loading of 4.8kN/m². The mezzanines incorporated a central feature general access staircase and two fire escape staircases as well as one-hour fire protection.

As the main contractor, Hi-Level were also responsible for full decoration of the ground and first floor. This included creating new ground floor offices, toilets with full water supply, meeting room and a staff kitchen. Such areas had to be executed with partitioning, lighting and power/data cabling and a new ground floor fire exit.

Hi-Level had to operate under CDM regulations and appoint a full-time site manager to supervise our own sub-contractors as well as various other sub-contractor trades as appointed directly by Granger Hertzog. It was our top priority to ensure all work was in line with the health and safety regulations.

As with most relocation projects, time was of the essence and Granger Hertzog were keen to move into their new premises as soon as possible. An outline programme of works was developed with an agreed time-frame set that would allow the client to move into their new premises by their targeted date.

The Solution

Hi-Level worked closely with Granger Hertzog for over 9 months creating and perfecting the ideal design solution for their new showroom. Our in-house surveyor provided a detailed proposed layout which complied with all the relevant building regulations and would minimise any safety risks.

Once an installation plan was agreed, the initial stage to the build was preparing the warehouse unit for the works which would take place. Crucial to this was the existing ground floor slab’s ability to support the column loads from the mezzanine floor. Structural investigations and assessments revealed the new columns would need to be supported by new piles – up to 8.0m in depth.

A lift pit had to be created and recessed into the existing concrete floor slab to accommodate two new goods lifts to transfer products between the three floor levels. Lastly, to open more space between the showroom and office area, the full height partition wall on the existing first-floor level was fully removed; and reinstated from the new second floor level to the underside of the roof.

The mezzanine installation began shortly after over a period of 5 weeks. This included erecting the mezzanine structure and installing the industrial staircases and hand-railing, complete with feature mesh panels. One of the key requirements to the build was delivering a 6m square ‘atrium’ for the main staircase tower in the centre of the show-room which would provide access to the two mezzanine floor levels. The mezzanine floors were fitted with suspended ceilings, fascia and column casings to provide one-hour fire protection throughout.

The final stage to Hi-Level’s works was partitioning. Such works were predominantly carried out on the ground floor where multiple staff rooms were created as specified in their criteria. During this time, Granger Hertzog completed their direct works including a comprehensive warm air and evaporative cooling HVAC system, solid timber handrails for the main entrance and glass partitioning with specialist flooring for their first-floor office.

Our team was able to support Granger Hertzog in not only maximising space for their employees but also improving the efficiency of their operations.

The Result

The finished showroom captured Granger Hertzog’s vision for a modern open plan concept full of light and character. The larger premises provided ample space to display their extensive collection across three floor levels.

Visitors are instantly captivated by Granger Hertzog’s colour coordinated displays from the large furniture pieces to the comprehensive smalls department. In addition, the build enabled Granger Hertzog to carry out more operations in-house with a new packing and repairs rooms, sorting area and loading bay.

Throughout the build, Hi-Level made weekly site visits alongside Granger Hertzog to stay ahead of any possible contingencies and ensure the project the project ran smoothly. Such regular communication resulted in the project finishing within the allocated time frame and both parties being extremely pleased with the finished look.


“We first worked with Hi-Level in 2014 during the mezzanine installation in our old unit and were very impressed with the quality and delivery of their product. Fast forward to 2018, we were pleased to appoint them as our main contractor and had full confidence in their ability to fulfil our requirements. We worked closely together for over 9 months, perfecting the design for our showroom and offices and the Hi-Level team were very responsive to our needs. Once the refurbishment works began, Hi-Level appointed a project manager who made weekly site visits and through open communication and collaborative working, all works ran smoothly. A professional approach justified our faith in Hi-Level and after a seven month programme, the finished result was a testament to their great workmanship”.
Keith Fyfe – Granger Hertzog General Manager

The Performance Preparation Academy Grow by Relocation

The Client

The Performance Preparation Academy (PPA) is a musical theatre college offering courses in acting, teaching and musical theatre. Based in Guildford, the college has quickly become recognised as one of the UK’s leading institutes for exceptional performing arts training, with a strong emphasis made on employability.

The Challenge

The PPA currently has two separate premises in the town. However, the PPA’s management believed that moving into one larger, more modern facility would benefit their students’ studies and make the Academy even more attractive to future prospecting  students. The newly acquired facility required a complete refit before it was operational. Hi-Level was contracted directly by the PPA to install a large single-tier mezzanine that could support multiple studios and provide suitable space for the students during their lectures, seminars, and rehearsals. The most important requirement was to maximise the students’ workspace. This meant it was crucial that our design had no columns obstructing studio rooms where students would perform.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 1150m² floor size
  • 4.5kN/m² live load
  • Ancillaries: 45m handrail and 4 general access staircases

Our team’s plan was to design a mezzanine where its columns would be hidden within the wall partitions of each studio which would be supported by large steel beams across the mezzanine. Before the design process took place, we first had to organise a core test of the foundation which would support the structure, as the limited placement of columns meant that these areas would have to withstand significant weight loads. Three separate areas of the site’s floor were tested using the ‘Safe Ground Bearing Pressure’ method.

The result of the test showed the foundation was insufficient to cope with the proposed point loads. This meant that their original plans to have large steel beams throughout the mezzanine would no longer be feasible as it would be too heavy for the foundation. This was immediately brought to the PPA’s attention and our structural engineers worked with them to achieve a creative solution. The new design would still have to maximise studio space but would also have to ensure that the foundations could bear the pressure.

The Solution and Result

To achieve what the client required, our expert structural engineers conceived a design with several smaller beams that would sit directly on the slab floor. These beams would rest on top of two small steel slabs that would act as feet at opposite ends of each beam. This new design allows better weight distribution as the weight can be channelled across two feet; essentially halving the weight load per square metre and alleviating the need for reinforced foundations.

The new design meant that we could provide a mezzanine that wouldn’t obstruct students and ensured the foundation would be able to bear the mezzanine’s live weight load.

Our team was very pleased to provide a mezzanine solution that successfully met the PPA’s requirements, which was to maximise the amount of floor space without obstructions. We were able to complete two weeks ahead of schedule to assist the customer who wished to commence further fit-out work earlier.


“From the beginning of the process to the end, it was a pleasure working with Hi-Level. It felt like they invested in the project from the outset, working with us to achieve the best results we could. Malcolm is a credit to the company!”
Principal at The Performance Preparation Academy.


Tileflair Transforms Industrial Unit into a Retail Store

The Challenge

As part of Tileflair’s ongoing plans to expand across the UK, they recently moved into an empty industrial unit in Oxford. Hi-Level were contracted by Locators once the initial shop fit-out was completed to create an additional shop floor area.

A bespoke design was required to provide a mezzanine that could support product displays and provide storage space for stock. It was particularly important to minimise the number of columns used to keep the ground floor area clear.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 11.54×8.55m² floor size
  • 4.8kNm² point load
  • Ancillaries: feature staircase
  • Fire protection

The Solution and Result

Our expert engineers worked closely with Tileflair to understand all the unique requirements of their store. This included minimising obstructions on the underside of the floor to maximise space for product placement. The final design limited the number of columns installed whilst ensuring the mezzanine could maintain its structural integrity. In addition, we used OSB decking; a lightweight, easy-to-handle board which provides maximum strength and stability.

The aesthetic finish of the floor was equally as important to ensure it was in line with Tileflair’s brand and store presentation. Taking that into consideration, we used our feature handrail made from polished stainless steel. This is complimented by toughened glass panels, creating a contemporary, clean look.

 “We are delighted to have been a part of this fit-out project and working alongside Locators. Our team was able to overcome the challenges posed by the site and deliver an optimal solution”.

Jason Alexander – Hi-Level Project Manager

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

Leading UK Packaging Company Move into New Fulfilment Centre

The Challenge

Hi-Level partnered with a distributor to work with one of the leading packaging companies in the UK who are growing at a rapid pace into the international market. They moved into a newly built fulfilment centre in Bedfordshire, launching a next-day delivery service for hundreds of their products. Hi-Level were contracted to provide a bespoke mezzanine floor for storage and supporting conveyor systems.

One of the main challenges of the project was designing the mezzanine as the building structure evolved and ensuring seamless installation. In addition, a tight deadline was set that required us to finish the project promptly and efficiently.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 16x35m² floor size
  • 5kN/m² point load
  • Ancillaries: 3 staircases and pallet gate
  • Fire protection

The Solution and Result

As the warehouse was undergoing various developments, our team worked closely with the client to ensure we could deliver the optimal mezzanine floor solution. We operated in a complex environment alongside other contractors installing a pallet racking system next to the mezzanine. This required a clear and concise project plan to minimise disruption to other workers and vice versa.

The floor was designed taking into consideration the addition of a conveyor system which would run through it. We also had to create adequate space for the storage of goods. Positioning of the columns was crucial as it ensured the mezzanine could confidently cope with high point loads and keep the ground floor access clear. In addition, we used our 38mm particle board as the decking option, hand railing customised per the client’s request and full fire protection. Ancillaries for the project included 3 staircases and a pallet gate to support with handling their large inventory of products.

As our client estimates further growth, we future-proofed the mezzanine design to enable additional tiers. Hi-Level were able to fulfil the project specifications within a quick turn around of three weeks, meeting our client’s timeline and budget.

“It’s always a pleasure when we can provide our client with a mezzanine floor solution to help with their challenges. Although we had to work within an evolving building structure against a short time frame, our team once again showed their ability to deliver an excellent service”.

John Davis – Hi-Level Commercial Director

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.


Global Transport & Logistics Company Expand with New Warehouse Facility

The Challenge

Hi-Level were the selected mezzanine floor provider for a global transport and logistics company. The company recently built a new warehousing facility in Peterborough to further enhance services for their logistics division. Based on previous successful projects and our ability to execute design briefs, Butler & Willow partnered with us again to create a three-tier mezzanine area for handling goods and supporting lightweight conveyor systems. Hi-Level were faced with the challenge of providing flexible working space within a tight deadline.

The Criteria

The final requirements of the project were detailed as follows:

  • 1,381m² floor area per tier (4,143m² total)
  • 8kN/m² point load
  • 4 safety pallet gates per tier
  • 2 tower staircases
  • Ground floor column guard

The Solution and Result

The three floors were created to maintain their structural integrity across the entire mezzanine floor through crucial positioning of the columns. In addition, the ground floor area was kept brace-free to provide maximum flexibility for storage. Ancillaries for the project included full edge protection, tower staircases for both utility and general access, as well as safety gates per tier to ensure goods could easily be moved between the mezzanine and pallet racking. As always, safety measures were taken to ensure the mezzanine was fit for purpose. Due to the busy nature of the warehouse, we installed our safety guard system to increase the level of protection for the columns upholding the mezzanine.

The build complied with the relevant building regulations and included full fire protection. Our expert team was able to execute a design which was both practical and efficient through meticulous planning and attention to detail.

We were able to finish installation within the allocated time frame of 6 weeks to the complete satisfaction of our client.


“Hi-Level has previously worked with our client in delivering a mezzanine solution for their warehouse operations. Our client partnering with us again is a testament to Hi-Level’s ongoing commitment to a high standard of workmanship and providing a quality service.”

Clyde Finch – Hi-Level Project Manager

Please get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions regarding previous projects.

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