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Why should you use a pallet gate to safely access a mezzanine floor?

20th November 2015

Mezzanine flooring can make a significant impact on the productivity of a warehouse, utilising space that would otherwise be wasted. This can help businesses to improve their dispatch times and reduce the need to move to new premises. However, as we explained in our recent post health and safety should always be at the forefront […]

Accidents in warehouses & how to prevent them

8th October 2015

Handrails for mezzanine flooring: a product guide

7th September 2015

It is important that appropriate safety precautions are put in place prior to the installation of a new mezzanine floor in order to protect those individuals using it. For exposed edges, edge protection is required and must meet the current British Standards and Building Regulations approved document. There are lots of different options when it […]

Using partitions to improve your office

3rd August 2015

Few companies have the luxury of a custom built office, but in the pursuit of achieving the maximum level of productivity possible, many companies are now starting to see the benefits of installing an office that is designed specifically to fit their organisation’s requirements. However, it is a big decision to make dramatic changes to […]

How to use office space more effectively

14th July 2015

An often overlooked consideration is the layout and functionality of an office space. In our blog ‘simple office changes than can create a happier workforce’ we discussed how the working environment can have a significant impact on employee productivity and their wellbeing. While every office space needs to meet its own specific requirements, this guide […]

Simple office changes that can create a happier workforce

9th June 2015

Companies are becoming increasingly more aware that the health and happiness of their employees is a significant factor in business productivity. You may be aware of Google’s quirky London headquarters, which were designed by the interior design and architecture company PENSON. The focus of their design was to create a fun environment for employees with […]

How an office refurbishment can drastically change your business

18th May 2015

  When money is tight, refurbishing your office can seem like an unnecessary cost. However, the difference that an improved office space can make to the morale of your staff and the impression that it leaves on clients and customers can not be underestimated. In this blog we will look at how you can go […]

Injuries in warehouses and how to prevent them

24th April 2015

Warehouse employees and their employers are often subject to demanding deadlines and timescales which force them to work to the maximum of their abilities. Unfortunately this sometimes means that mistakes are made and corners are cut in order to get the job finished on time. When this happens, employees can be putting their health and […]

How does Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) affect me?

16th March 2015

How does Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) affect me? If you are an employer, are self-employed or provide equipment for others to use at work then the rules and regulations covered in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) will relate to you. In this blog we will take a […]

Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations

23rd February 2015

In our previous blog post we looked at the Health and Safety at Work Act and how a thorough understanding of regulations can help businesses to protect their employees. However, there is more to Health and Safety provisions than just understanding the rules. You also need to know how to put them into practice – […]

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